Why are We Not in Control?

This is actually quite interesting although I tended to ramble on so- sorry for if I do and feel free to ask anything if unsure;) 

After a recent invitation to watching the programme called ‘Mr.Robot’ based on a hacker which basically has the ability to change the world, I was brought into a mind experiment which was drawn from certain things said within the series. For example, why do we always have to settle for what life has given us? We accept what we have been given and believe that we have the opportunity to say no to life and change our path within society yet we are still brought to one major conclusion of how we are all going to be living a false life.

We all pay or get paid through money which is either too high or low and never conceivable to what we truly want, we say that money doesn’t buy happiness and is truth-it doesn’t but what does? Spending time with family and friends and supporting ourselves to our best ability. I like to go by the quote of ‘everyday is an awesome day’ because what is the point in living a life which is inevitable to end without at least trying to make the most of it? So, this is where it gets interesting…As a nation, one is expected to comply with the general rules of our society as it is said to be greatful to the greatest number and I know this is rather like Utilitarianism and some points are similar to ‘Mill’. But, is it really what is greatest for society and for the greatest number. How do we not know that it is for that minority which gets to control the laws and who is said to do what and when. The minority could so easily influence us into believing of such aspects in our day to day lives that benefit them rather than any of us. Fair enough, we can live our lives and if we bend the rules, something bad could happen but why does something bad happen? Could it not be more than that? Could that be the clue to unlocking the minority which is in control. If bending the rules and looking deeper into things could envelop into near enough anything. Obviously, rules such as ‘do not kill’ and such general rules are easily applicable to rationality, understanding what is able to changed is the main objective.

Now, Peter Singer, who is a modern day Philosopher with very opinionated views causing issues within our society but is Peter Singer not onto stating what’s real. The concept of Level 1 and level 2 beings is actually able to tie into this whole column just the level 1 and 2 is applied in the wrong way. This can therefore lead to all of you who understand the whole level 1 and 2 theory to be trying to figure what I am actually trying to say and those who don’t- level 1 beings are those who are said to be able to make a true preference which is fully informed, reflective and vividly aware of the consequences. Level 2 beings are then those who cannot and are not aware of what is with held in the future. So, what if this idea of a true preference is what distinguishes between the majority and the minority. Level 1 are actually this minority which is able to make the preferences which actually have a say in our society and the views of the majority are only slightly considered as we are just ‘level 2’. If you think about it-it makes sense, the amount of people in the world right now, all doing different or similar things, you’re telling me that not one person is ,looking over us all, observing on the world and how it’s run. Things could be kept from us such as technology which is able to alter our world or cures or anything yet we have no clue because we are level 2-we cannot make a preference which will be seen as true as we can’t know the consequences. We can guess and believe in the probability but we can’t know for sure. Whereas these level 1 beings can make things happen, alter things and this is what is intriguing.

I’ll ask a question- what would you do with all the power in the world?

Many would like to think they would help save our world from the current state yet is that really possible? The trust one would need as well as the resource. Yes, it could be possible but with all that power? it would be tempting to at least fur-fill some dreams. Think of Steve Jobs, we all think he’s this incredible guy whose being able to develop a technology to help us connect as a society, yet we all know the suffering of factor workers helping keep Steve in power. Facebook has this implied sense of communication and openness with society yet it is social media? has social media not just made us worse as a world? Obviously it can be very beneficial but what if it is all part of something larger, something thought up of by these level 1 beings, who knows.  So this leads to my final point i raised at the beginning…we have two paths, simple as that.

Two paths which has a choice within it to follow lifes plan and continue to try survive and be comfortable in the world that we live in or what we can make a difference. Minority influence is actually a very influential factor in our society, think of everyone who likes to believe they are different I am guilty of this too but how do we know that when we’re being different, it’s having any affect on the world. We give money to charity and volunteer to see the good that is caused yet why is money used? It adds value to things which don’t need it, it is the largest influence on human behaviour. Yes, people don’t always want money because it’s not the key to happiness but think of the majority who thrive of money and continue to want more or just that amount to be comfortable in life. It is the major game changer in life. Yet, how does this tie in with the idea of level 1 and 2 beings and people being in control? Well, what if we are being controlled by the minority who are in power, what if being individual and having freedom of speech is just a distraction to what is truly going on. People who have the power are not philosophers who are able to find the greatest moral action or that of greatest good, but are in contrast- those who see desire for greatness and authority-the true level 1 beings. We could actually be all in a test tube being processed with thoughts and traits but the minority has the influence to do so. Is the minority human? Suppose that could raise a valid argument. Will we ever uncover what is really happening in the world and what decisions could truly be made? Probably not but as I said- everyday is an awesome day and if this is one step closer to understanding our society- truthfully. Then i’ll know this wasn’t as pointless a blog as maybe thought…

Remember to keep updated and I try update when I can, just a lot happens when you live a life- I’ll blame the minority;)

Feel free to ask anything.


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  1. Very interesting piece highlighting an important real world issue, Baines! My thoughts are the majority is vulnerable if unable to discern truth. Hence, everyone should improve their rational faculties to discern the true from the false, be able to move and vote for rational choices that benefit all. Of course, easier said than done, with all the clutter and noise..


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