The definitive first words


THIS ONES CALLED ‘The definitive first words’. Hope you enjoy and follow for more as I’m really enjoying writing these kind of poems. Comment if you fancy/


Here and contemplating what one knows.

Misinterpreted but I did what I could I suppose.

They didn’t understand but neither I.

A feeling to open but lost in the sky.

A day came by to wish me luck.

A shake of a hand of which one took.

Yet the words could not come out.


A few days passed, two at best.

Working towards it but one had become a mess.

Drifting, subsiding, unaware of a test.

But how could I say those words.


The look in her eyes.

A certainty of surprise.

Capable of wonder.

The words were flown out.

Left to face the fight of doubt.

But was it finally all over.


A touch of softness, calm at best.

Eased upon a laid out chest.

A look in the eye.

This was never goodbye.

Those three words were easy to say.

Bringing a new beginning, to a new day.




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