Deadpool Review


Easily the most anticipated film of 2016 so far, likely to reach the front runner over the likes of Batman v Superman as well as suicide squad with the ‘superhero’ movie we’ve all wanted. The anti-hero played by Ryan Reynolds is the hype of his career with the combination of mutant awesomeness and the ambitious cheek which brings to life the loveable Comic book character in an appealing, eye-clenching film.

We first meet Deadpool in a cab on the way to get revenge on the British bad guy: Ajax, played by Ed Skrein, who does a terrific job despite the possible confusion with Deadpool being good and bad perhaps taking the spotlight away from the former Game of Thrones actor. A series of slow motion action packed minutes brings upon flashbacks of Wades past surely to overcome the poor cameo in X-men origins: Wolverine (2009). These flashbacks bring into multiple references to the comics with the original ‘dead-pool’ board for hire where the name brings to life an infamous character seeking revenge.

Before all this, we’re introduced to Vanessa, Wades love played by Morena Baccarin. This entitles the film to a storyline of where Wade is brought to the tragedy of requiring the surgery to bring the mutation alive despite a romantic upset on the cards. With these flashbacks comes an amusingly action-packed film with Fox bringing the precise comic book laughs all readers will know with outstandingly funny one liners and references to the poor animation of the green lantern played by Ryan Reynolds which I’m sure will soon be forgotten with the spot on performance of Deadpool. Perhaps bringing him level to the greats of Marvel actors with the addition of a not so lame humour shown throughout the Marvel films, surely to be recognised as his most prolific role yet.

Despite the kick-ass fight scenes and slow-mo effects, the film lets itself down with the possible drawback of only including Negasonic teenage warhead(upcoming x-men character) and Colossus(the big metal guy) rather than a more profound cast. Yet, the characters put forward bring an exciting side of the plot as well as the humour necessary to the Deadpool film as well as a mega awesome team-up.[spoiler].

Overall, 20th Century Fox and Marvel gave the audience what everyone wanted and better- just what was needed to start the year with the awesomeness produced in Deadpool.


Joe Baines

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