Batman vs Superman Review


After a Superman movie reboot ‘Man of Steel’ starring Henry Cavill seeming all but set up for something bigger, it was no surprise to learn of Batman vs Superman- it all seemed to fit into place. Eagerly anticipating the new era of Batman after a stormer of a series of Dark Knight movies starring Christian Bale, would a revamp revitalise the Superhero favourite or turn it into a mistake. I for one was excited for a clash of the titans especially with features of Wonder woman and Lex Luther also set to appear. Yet, where did it all go wrong.

Snyders plot soon goes into despair after the question still stands as to why Batman had so much hate for Superman? A crush of the Wayne enterprise building including a fellow called Jack set up Ben Affleck to gain a hatred towards Clark Kent that seemed slightly unnecessary. Numerous sub-plots lead the first half hour of talking into a confusing conflict in the middle east which subsequently has no purpose in the plot further leading confusion into the audiences eyes.

Ben Affleck himself was however fit to play the role, fitting his older Dark Knight role perfectly while successfully bringing to life the fighting which Cavill failed to do, perhaps due to the over use of CGI. Despite this, Jesse Eisenberg was brilliant as Lex Luther, over reacting at every opportunity and opening the doors to the imagination of future Lex in the Batman films livening the plot-line when the uprising of an Alien creature is reborn on the Earth through Lex taking advantage of the crashed alien ship. (This obviously featured towards the end so if you want the action, you gotta stick around). Then, of course there was the introduction of Wonder woman played by Gal Gadot who may be remembered for her role in the Fast and Furious roles so who better to play this empowered dominant female character to kick ass than a member of the Furious crew. The introduction of Wonder woman certainly increased the success rate of a poor film perhaps implying too many main stream characters doesn’t seem to work with DC Comics after the multiple successes of Marvels Team ups with The Avengers, X-Men and numerous others suggesting it is the way forward but DC just haven’t got it right this time.

This does however lead onto the further entrance of Flash and Aqua man who after seeing the TV series of Flash, if done right, can be pulled off nicely as well as Aqua man whose been kept out of the picture until now. Presumably these two have been featured briefly for a later reference in the film where Batman confirms with Wonder woman over finding ‘people like us’. Justice League time?!! Lets hope its nothing like the Batman V Superman movie…

On the whole, Batman V Superman simply lacked the plot-line needed for the a Superhero movie of its emphasis. This then led to multiple questions being asked over what was really going on and [SPOILER] Superman’s death being all that necessary. However, the film did have some killer action clips allowing my views to be positively effected but overall, it was a good film done badly.




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