Modern Music at Its Worst?



What is happening with the latest music trend?

It’s began to seem certain that in our era of music, there’s bound to be contrasting views on the current idea of Pop branching to differing idealisms of indie pop which then goes to indie rock which can then go to alternative rock. So why is it that with so many options for everyone, the most popular is left being this form of beats dropped with the occasional words rather like a Rihanna song containing the ever heart breaking lyrics of ‘Work, work, work, work,work, work, work’. Perhaps implicating the views of her work in a relationship or how much she had to work to locate such deep lyrics to enlighten the world of listeners today.

Now, I’m all up for tuning in to Chris Evans in the morning on Radio two or whatever seems to be selected to awaken me for school and prepare myself for the journey of getting out of bed. I know what you’re thinking ‘Work,work, work’ may inspire me to do work but obviously this isn’t the case with the desire to change to classical music and don’t get me wrong, nothing up with a bit of classical but in the morning, that is not whats desired. So, where did this all occur?

Modern Pop Music began to spin-off from the classic rock n’ roll brought about by the likes of The Beatles and The faces as well as Elvis, leading into the era of a more smoothed out piece of music before obviously reaching the love songs and classics we’ve come to love such as ‘I will always love you’ or the birth of Take that.(Up the Robbie years). Yet, it was when we hit the millennium that it began to turn with the birth of Justin Bieber and endless Disney Characters seeming to be able to have a singing career with the likes of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Ashley Tisdale, although High school musical was a classic, it doesn’t seem to end. This turn of beat into a constant repetition , songs from love to Taylor Swifts many heart breaks. As a music enthusiast, I frown upon some music of today.

Yet, this is what’s so great. We have these spin-offs from Pop with Indie and Rock, still keeping alive the band image everyone loves. After my Dad got me into the likes of The Faces and David Bowie, it’s important to see these influences in today’s world. So many musicians go unseen due to the constant surrounding of new music, yet these are the most vibrant such as ‘The View’ an indie rock band whose music brings up a charm.

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the internet advancements and technology have certainly opened the world up to more music which effectively could have played a part in the growth of what seems to be so popular. I mean who calls themselves after a time of the week? ‘the Weeknd’ with a drop of the vowel to create a more street, Yorkshire name, certainly brings up my views…

However, these are just a small part of what I see in today’s music, with some Pop songs easily being able to awaken me to a nice day of school. Yes, it can be seen to have pointless lyrics and songs where there’s just a beat from a computer being altered but with the advances in technology, this is what has become a norm to our population. Whether we are converging to agree with others of what’s seen as ‘trendy’ or getting our hair dyed to be different and to look awesome yet realising multiple people had the same idea.(personal experience) It’s an open world of music.

Theres a genre for everyone, every kind of genre has its own popular music, it’s just about finding the right beat for your ears.


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