Captain America: Civil War Review

After a follow up of Captain America’s on-going discovery of what to do about his best friend who turned bad whose now good, Marvel brings us the latest instalment of The Avengers, I mean, Captain America which includes a lot of the Avengers. Then again, it is following the comics in some form which includes some mega fight and I for one cannot wait for part 2 to come along.

The main compliment to begin with is the acknowledgement of the disaster which often goes unnoticed in Superhero films with Anthony and Joe Russo finding the perfect mix between action packed fight scenes and the realism of the destruction caused. This in turn leads to over 100 countries wanting to sign a contract with the Avengers to establish when and what they do can take place, under guidance. Of course this then follows lead a divide in opinion with two teams being formed under the two head guns of Iron Man and Captain America. Only surprise is Cap is the one who goes against signing the contract. Yes, that is really what happens.

This then links with the overriding plot of what is to be done with Bucky,  Steve Rodgers best friend /the winter soldier. Obviously Cap puts his best friend first after he is wrongly accused of terrorist acts but the rest of the world doesn’t know that. Following on, Stark’s new team are set to bring Captain America and his squad back to the headquarters after now being seen as criminals for supporting the winter soldier. Squad list:

Captain Americas all Stars: Cap(Chris Evans), Falcon(Anthony Mackie), Winter Soldier(Sebastian Stan), Hawkeye(Jeremy Renner) , Scarlet Witch(Elizabeth Olson) and Ant-man(Paul Rudd).

Iron Man’s Team of the year: Iron Man(Robert Downey Jnr), Vision(Paul Bettany), War Machine(Don Cheadle), Black Widow(Scarlett Johansson) , Black Panther(Chadwick Boseman) and the man of the moment Spider-man (Tom Holland).

Yes, there is obviously some new faces and this was questioned after how they were going to approach Spider-man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it’s worked nicely by the Russo brothers and brings the humour and webs we expected as well as a younger Spider-man which causes a scene of Tony Stark asking Peter Parker about whether he was called ‘Spider Boy’ but I won’t ruin too much. After there’s multiple fight scenes and action packed footage including slow motion which has come increasingly common in Marvel films for some reason. However, it was all done to a professional point and this led the film to being a success with one deadly intense plot twist at the end including the Winter Soldier and Stark’s parents forced upon by the villain of Zemo(Daniel Bruhl) who is questionably less powerful than expected but brings up a eerie feel to the film setting up nicely for the second one after managing to disrupt the Avengers from within without actually fighting at all? It really gets intense.

Overall, Russo brothers bring forward a nice mixture of intensity with humour crossed with realism. Definitely one of the best Marvel films so far with the Captain America films being ever more inclining. Along with the newbies to the team/ two teams, an ending brings up a serious wreckage of Iron Man and Captain America as well as a scene between T’challa and Millar which on the whole questions all the acts of The Avengers while implying a different future ahead, certainly seems mysterious.

On the whole, an exquisite film with lovely CGI and all the action needed for a viewer.

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