Dublin Adventure


It was luxurious day in Dublin, meaning it was around ten degree. The clouds were out and the sun was away. Perfect Ireland weather. In all honesty, I wasn’t looking forward to the journey due to the typical stereotypes of Ireland being dismal apart from the concept of meeting a pretend lepricorn or seeing everybody extremely happy. Either or, the arrival at the hotel located just off of a motorway was not the most ideal situation to be in but with an all inclusive breakfast, I was willing to put it past my parents on their poor decisions.

The trip had so far been successful much to my dismay after touring the Guinness factory while checking out a Zoo too which lead to a mid-day sulk over a gazing look from the Chimpanzees who looked upset about their position in the Zoo rather than the wild but I pushed on to enjoy the day when the penguins brought up memories of the film ‘Happy Feet’. That penguin certainly could move his legs. I had a feeling others saw the similarities after a herd of primary school children began to surround a group of boys breaking into tap dancing reminiscent of Happy Feet. I was beginning to forgive the poor hotel decision of my parents, especially since the bus ride back to hotel from the centre of Dublin now included music. The best was yet to come.

The Hard Rock café.

Whether or not being stuck on a tour bus for about an hour had anything to do with but along came the best meal I was going to taste. Rather like how in Philosophy, there is this idea of having these ‘perfect ideals of everyday concepts’ such as Justice or beauty…this was the perfect food. The cafe already had been hyped up with the guitars placed around the rustic yet modern rock centred building. A brief look around at vinyls signed by Elvis and guitars played by Eric Clapton. It was all set up nicely. Despite the crowd of Spanish students who were on a trip of some kind, it didn’t faze me the least when out came a rack of ribs worth the definition of perfection. I looked around at my families meals to see what they were tucking into, unsure as to why I was doing so when I had such a beauty in front of me. I was in love.

The first bite was never ending after each one felt like I was freshly biting into what I would soon remember as my ideal plate. It was soon over. I wondered where it had gone but there wasn’t any-time to cry about it for dessert was on its way.

A double chocolate slice of cake filled with a softening desire to reach its fulfilment of a cake…I was given two slices. I couldn’t believe my luck. I long to wonder whether the waitress had it in for me but perhaps she just accidentally picked up two or the chef felt my stomach reaching a state of euphoria over his food. I was happy either way.

Dublin is filled with more than just a place of food which I felt at my prime, there is the zoo with tigers and dancing penguins, pubs at every corner filled with more food and drink(most likely Guinness) as well as sights such as Oscar Wilde’s place and even museums if that’s your catchment area. I admit I complained at first but once in the place with cool accents-all seemed worth while.

Joe Baines

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