Dallas Shooting Deepens Divide

After the shooting of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, America seems divided despite Obama claiming “It’s just not true” after being questioned about “America returning to the situation of the 60s”. Yet, the events proceeding the Castile death seems otherwise proven with the latest shooting of five white police officers by a black man named Micah Johnson during a protest rally on Thursday.

Micah Johnson was known to be a supporter of black militant groups who encouraged violence against the Police, which seems to contribute to the emotion felt Micah after discovering of the two deaths of Sterling and Castile. Although the President later went on to say how Americans of “All races and backgrounds” were outraged at the Dallas shooting, there is still this underlining tone of equality being deemed less than satisfactory with even more killings occurring during the aftermath of the killings in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Houston: Police shot dead a man, reportedly black, after he apparently pulled a gun on them to only be shot four times by the Police Officer.

Georgia: Police Officer shot after being called abut a broken down car.

Missouri: Police Officer shot after walking back to his patrol car once checking the driving status of a black man named Antonio Taylor who he had stopped.

These emphasise the divide proven to be appearing, the significance of the gun law seems to be encouraging such atrocities to occur, Sterlings shooting is an easy representation of this after Police have been heard to say in a new video released:

Officer 1: “He’s got a gun! Gun!”

Officer 2: “If you fucking move, I swear to god.”

Officer 1: “He’s going for the gun!”

[At least two shots are heard]

Officer: “Shit!”

Officer: “Get on the ground!”

[Three shots]

Officer to radio: “[Inaudible] shots fired, shots fired.”

Officer: “Fuck!”

[Officer removes gun from pocket]

The Gun laws in America seem to be more and more evident of supporting shootings, yes, it’s a strong trade and can be argued that they need “to be protected” but with no guns, the problem wouldn’t be there. The latest shootings by Police Officers has caused more outrage and fuelled ambition for others to take the fight to the Police leaving what is left of the ‘Dallas shooting’. 

Along with a ‘Black lives matter’ march in London on Friday, the outrage has dramatically spread across the media. Now seems a better time than ever for equality and justice to be heard and acted upon.

http://blacklivesmatter.com/about/  here is a link to finding out more about #blacklivesmatter . Understand what’s been going on and voice your opinion for an equal society.


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