Pokemon Go or No Go?


I’m sure you’ve all seen amply of people wandering around, staring at their phone with the occasional stop to catch what usually ends up being a Pidgey…welcome to the world of Pokemon go.

Now, even I admit to joining the band wagon in an attempt to become a true and fulfilled pokemon trainer or even one day be a gym leader, battling the other teams Pokemon to gain a set of rewards in hope of having bragging rights over the nearest Pokemon Gym which for me is just outside the local family pub. Good place for refreshments if you have to go on a while though, or if you’re like me who realised straight away at level 5 that some people have taken this to the next stage with me attempting a hit at the gym with my 244 CP Pidgeot soon to realise a 1224 CP Wartortle was in my place.

I soon ran off.

Yet, is this all so good? I know it’s came across as giving the 90s kids what they wanted while also allowing new-comers to have an insight into ‘catching them all’ as well as proving good for exercise. I mean really good; it was rumoured that one of the other students at Sixth Form at walked 6km catching Pokemon. As you can imagine he was part of the team holding pretty much all the gyms in the area. What as way to ruin it for all of us on team Instinct…

It has however caused so much more people to be on their phone, it was seen as anti-social to be on your phone in public around a month ago with people often looking at others on their phone while in a social situation wondering what was so important but it looks as though the priorities have been met. A reason to look at your phone even more, consuming battery life quicker than any other application with access to location, internet and the camera function for that all important Pokeball throw, longing to believe a Weedle is actually out on your driveway. I know the importance of this being as close to real life Pokemon we will probably get but is this a gateway into more games of similar premise? There was a suggestion of laughter with a real life Mario-kart followed by a mass car crash but what if something like that happen? Nintendo could release real life ‘Super Mario Brothers’ with the same concept of capturing certain places or to be known as ‘castles’ by staring at your phone to be swamped into a real life Mario brothers map. Only to realise jumping for the flag involves jumping off your garage roof…even I would sacrifice a broken leg for that major coin flow!

Point being, Pokemon go has evolved us(pun intended) into nations of people enrolled into technological devices even more, car crashes have been caused, people quiting jobs to hunt Pokemon while social meet-ups are just people hoping to find water type pokemon by the river, soon to realise they forgot to charge up to 100%. Does that mean…conversations? However fun it can be to see so many people enjoying the game, we still need to be careful of our health as well as the world outside of Pokemon go.

Yes, these are some extremes as Super Mario Brothers in real life would cause chaos despite the added benefit of everyone turning into free runners. While also teenagers have been wandering around aimlessly on their phones into roads for quite some time now, just the driver has something else to blame-the game. This doesn’t mean we should block everything out for the game. I mean, quiting your job- come on man! That’s not to so give it up as I do however enjoy a good hunt every now and then…only to visit Lincoln and see a gym actually in the colours of my team for once giving me a smile. So much for our generation changing the world. Pokemon hunting will have to do for now.

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