Tarzan 2016 Film Review


maxresdefaultAfter swinging into box office on a high potential, Legend of the jungle struggles to keep it’s feet on the ground after an average reboot.

Once The Jungle Book had been released earlier on this year by Disney, showing off a real life version of the classic, bringing up audiences of young and old reaching a box office of 938 million. The reboot of Tarzan had a hope in continuing the jungle reboots success however it was poorly presented with a box office still reaching 198.5 million but left audiences only mildly satisfied.

David Yates efforts on special effects cannot be faulted though, with  the bond between Tarzan and the Jungle brought to a personal perspective when a family drama is apparently upon us after Alexander Skarsgård(Tarzan AKA Lord Greystoke after the man of the film gives up his roots for a more human way to life) finds himself falling out with his brother Gorilla as well as his Gorilla mother passing…so much drama!

The film opens up with the arrival of meeting Tarzans new persona as Lord Greystroke who is married to Jane(Margot Robbie) in London. The civilised society is shown to have influenced the man of the jungle after becoming a member of the establishment, however a scheming Belgium enforcer(Christoph Waltz) has plans for Tarzan to be given to an old enemy of the jungle in exchange for diamonds of some variety. This obviously leads Jane to following Tarzan back to Congo which leaves the film how you could predict…Jane gets captured and used as bate.

Now, despite the film obviously having a lot of scenes we expected to see in the reboot, a large amount of sub-plots are brought forward with slavery and the use of African resources to vamp up the film. Along with these comes along a reporter played by Samuel L.Jackson going by the name of ‘George Washington Williams’ who I believed brought the film alive to what was a seemingly plain set up.

Considering the additional presented, it still was not enough the convince the audience that Tarzan was as much in touch with the jungle as we hoped. Only with the occasional gorilla drama going on, the film failed to portray the wild side of a man who spent the majority of his life in the jungle. This left Tarzan looking like any old nature adventurer who has studied how to act when in danger(apart from when he fights the gorilla…David Attenborough would not advise that). An average film at best.





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