Batman: The Killing Joke Review


Based upon the 1988 one off by Alan Moore, this creative piece directed by Bruce Timm and Sam liu brings forward for two days of cinema release in selective cinemas, a film that has been deemed controversial by many but offers an insight into what could be The Jokers backstory…

The film opens up by telling it from Batgirls perspective(Barbara Gordon AKA the commissioners daughter). This is interesting before the films even began as we would usually expect it from Batmans perspective but this continued throughout the film, trying to establish this relationship between her and Batman which had been presented in the original. This does however involve a brief sex scene adding to this idea of realism to the story, especially when looking at how Barbara Gordon ends up paralysed after the joker unexpectedly turns up to shoot her and capture Commissioner Gordon.

What this does opens up the question of whether Batman decides to break his rules to kill The Joker. Yet does either of them die?

With Mark Hamill as the joker as well as Kevin Conroy and Tara Strong bringing the triplet back to life, the film actually does a clever job of portraying a different side of the story. A back story involving the death of the jokers wife and a confrontation with Batman in his earlier days, makes the watcher think of how the joker actually became the joker.

Furthermore, it has been noticed the lack of ‘normality’ in the film but this is what I believe makes the film so good. It did bring back the idea of watching an extended cartoon episode of when I was younger but all together it was brilliant with the final scene leaving Batman open to the Jokers punch lines, only to burst out laughing with him to the mad tone recognised. Say what?

A clever adaptation of the Alan Moore 1988 one-shot graphic novel, opening up a plausible idea of the Joker as well as putting forward a critically controversial story. I say it’s brilliant!

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