Suicide Squad Review: Was it Bad?


Much to the critics display, it wasn’t a very good film with many being stifled by yet another DC movie plot with unnecessary edits and scenes not making sense. However, it wasn’t actually that bad to consider it only got a 27% on rotten tomatoes.

After looking into many of the reviews and online discussions, it’s not surprising to realise that yes, some parts were questionable with the film cutting out parts which would have made much more sense with even Adam Beach turning up for around 10 minutes only to be killed. They didn’t even try to put him in any hope of surviving after no backstory was entailed, just a measly talk with Captain Boomerang(Jai Courtney) and he tried to climb his way to freedom before a death we all saw coming but no-one cared due to the little action time he received.

Furthermore, however much I rate Cara Delevingne, her acting had to be flawed slightly with Paper towns being fairly good but her role as Enchantress…the visual effects and her weird arm movements paid her no help with the wrong selection for the part. I certainly wouldn’t have been too scared despite a strong looking part shown through the trailer.

Margot Robbie however as Harley Quinn was brilliant, her attitude towards her ‘puddin’ the joker and the love story told within the few scenes were some of the best parts, not to mention with the hopes of a spin-off with the two in another film-presumably the next Batman? The joker played by Jared Leto was hard to analyse as obviously it’s hard to be anywhere near what Heath Ledger brought to the cinema screen in the previous Batman trilogy. Yet, this joker showed a familiarity with a different joker from the comics with a more modern day style I guess? Although the craziness could be bumped up a level. But as I said, this movie was for the Sucicide Squad, not the Joker. More to come ey!

The plot on the whole did lack some justification with the squad going up against someone who could have done a hell of a lot more damage than she did with Enchantress bringing back her brother who for some reason stayed in one building rather than going ahead and taking over the rest of the States…Despite this, seeing Will Smith as Deadshot was easily the most fun part of the film, never missing a shot with that perfect ‘Call of Duty’ killstreak. He would of easily gotten a Nuke. A play on him ‘never missing’ was clever when he was ordered to shoot Harley Quinn when she was reunited with the Joker only to find out he ‘missed’ brought a laugh to the many who crave seeing bad-guys kick ass.

I know a lot of negatives were picked out but on the whole, without to much analysing it was an awesome film! Introducing a load more characters to the new DC universe. A new joker to be played around with as well as reaching 280.1million USD in box office so obviously the rest of the fans enjoyed it. Definitely worth a watch to find out your opinion.

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