Swimmer Dives in too Deep


Ryan Lochte, who we all recognise from that unbelievable swim earlier this month, along with three other swimmers were recently in the news for allegedly being robbed at gunpoint. Ryan and fellow swimmer-Jimmy Feigen both claimed the robbery took place at a gas station when there taxi was stopped. Something later being compared to ‘the boy who cried wolf’.

The 12 time Olympian medallist believed to have said that he thought they were robbed by gunmen disguised as Police which the chief of Police, Fernando Veloso, said “There was no robbery, they were not victims to the crimes they have claimed.” With this in mind, Lochte has since been accused of vandalising a gas station toilet then being asked to pay for it before security was involved.

Mr Veloso went onto describe that the swimmers could face charges for false testimony and vandalism. The swimmers have now apparently left the country after a special Olympic court deemed allowable.

Despite this, the sheer fact is Lochte, despite being known for the Olympic success, has now been inscribed with the events which have occurred, leaving an embarrassing note on the USA Olympian.

Events such as these will always be by Ryan, similar to the USA track runner, Justin Gatlin, when a big name is in the media for the wrong reasons. Nothing good is left but a negative stigma. A disappointing decision, distracting the watchers from the high scoring USA team. One thing for sure, Lochte scored highly on the regret scale. One beer to many most likely.


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