What to look out for the 2016/17 Premier League season

With what looks like a season filled with teams containing some of the top managers in the world with the likes of Pep, Klopp, Mourinho and Conte at Chelsea- it looks an exciting season ahead.

It is admittedly easy to say that with top managers comes top players as shown by Mourinhos haul of newbies entering the United side who are some of the best in the world. Zlatan Ibrahimovic brings a confidence that can be backed with the early goals he’s already added at the start of this year meaning he has scored on his debut for every top club so far. Not to mention the on-set of people now adding him to their fantasy teams(me included). A deadly striker who seems not to be slowing down at 34 but maintaining a consistent form at the top of the game. Rather like being able to contain a successful K/D ratio on CoD…it’s very hard, especially if you’re Call of Duty shooting accuracy is compared to that of storm troopers on Star Wars.

Furthermore, Paul Pogba has finally came back to Manchester after time apart before joining United for a record fee of £89 million. A ridiculous transfer amount but easily justifiable when realising Andy Carroll cost £35 million. Yes, that happened.

Continuing on, what seems to be looking more promising than ever is really good title race with plenty of classic games to look back on and maybe cry on depending whose teams you’re supporting. The likes of Pep’s new controlling City against an attacking Chelsea or United brings a strong thought of skipping out on work already. The top teams have definitely seemed to have brought up the heat this year.

A team to look out for are Middlesborough. First of all looking at Middlesborough: they really went full meat on signings some quality to try maintain a solid Premier League start and hopefully establish themselves in Europe for a season with plenty of top teams shadowing them.

The up and down English team have been around and spent plenty of money on players who are able to compete at a top level but perhaps haven’t had the correct amount of playing time. Adama Traore from Aston Villa on deadline day is their best I believe for an undisclosed fee with the former Barcelona youth player not having enough time to play to show his true potential. A few games of watching him at Barcelona showed a hopeful career and I was extremely surprise to see him unable to make the lineup for Villa in such a struggling year, a burst of Traore surely brings a bit of flavour to the new Prem team.

Next there is Negredo and Gaston Ramirez who have both already got an assist to their names as well as a goal on Negredos debut. Both players have been in the Premier League before and understand the level of fitness and requirements needed so these are top signings for a team who have only just come into the league. Very clever on Middlesboroughs account. Along with a signing of Victor Valdes who I’m pretty positive was especially happy to get away from all the onslaught at Manchester and will be good to see the previous Catalan Giant keeper get some game time after his early hamstring injury. nintchdbpict000255554822-e1469898262266.jpg

All in all, it’s going to be a very good year for the Premier League with all that’s gone on. I am excited and would easily put my money on one of the Manchester clubs with Arsenal or Chelsea on third after an Arsenal side who need to still find their grip and I can’t be the only one who has no clue how Walcott is even a footballer? Easily sell him over Wiltshire. Guess Wenger has some form of plan for a continued fourth place…

Let’s hope for an exciting season along with plenty of talent showing their potential.


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