Wandering into Wonderland: Short story

Sometimes to wander is to feel a sense of adventure but sometimes its a bit finding yourself in something or someone that was the least expected.

My names Sanny and It was when school time started coming around, I first discovered the art of adventuring. A boy in my class named Peter would often go exploring into a nearby forest. Peter didn’t say much, and with a surname like Gorgonzola, it was a mystery as to what else this kid in class had to offer. Yes, that was his name.

However, I found myself following him one day, it was as though I had given up with wondering all the ‘what ifs’ and decided just to go ahead and find Peter and speak to him. The sky to me seemed like it was floating above us as if it wasn’t really there, it was just like a giant piece of cardboard some alien being would make us believe is this sky when in fact we were just little dolls to them. These moments were the ones which made me want to ruin their plan. So, I would purposely go out my way to go against everything I should do. Leading me to following Peter. I’m sure you can understand this isn’t the most rebellious action but I still believed in some form of rebellion going on. I was gaining ground on him, but he couldn’t see me, I was flowing in the wind, one with nature, one with the whisper, guiding through the trees.

“Why are you following me.” Peter had obviously seen me.

“I wanted to see where you go. You don’t talk much so I was curious Peter.” Where was he taking me.

“OK, but be warned, once you come to my base, you can never go back on it or tell anyone else!” He exclaimed and walked on as to suggest he had made my decision for me.

The floating sky soon became a sunset, It hadn’t felt like we were out very long but the sun was setting and it was beautiful. But, that was not why I was in the current situation for Peter was on a mission. Leading me to my rebellious destiny of discovering what he had to show me. “In here.” Pointing at a tree. He walked up to it and seemed to vanish. “Peter! Where are you! Peter!” It was only about twenty seconds later that I was called to by a head glistening through the tree. “It’s magic you silly.” I eagerly yet slowly stepped towards the tree, attempting to feel the other side, only to be dragged through by Peter.


The ground was the freshest green I had seen, with the open air smelling like a fresh supply of morning pancakes coated in the finest of chocolate. Peter urged me onward. Mesmerising me with each step until we reached a tree house. Above, all I could see was floating stars, glistening around in the open day. It was though the divide between night and day just non-existent, the stars seemed to shine brighter and brighter, dazzling like an onslaught of fireworks.

“You see those lights? They’re fairies Sanny.” Steps seemed to be the way up the tree house. the lights were becoming clearer and clearer until I could see the fairies for myself. Across the skyline I could see magic everywhere, the land was complete with the purity of an angel. “You see, when I come here, I get to see the world for what it really is. Humans don’t appreciate the true world. Out here, nature is the real winner, in it’s truest form. This is our special place Sanny, just you and me, promise?” I promised and gave Peter a smile. “So do the fairies talk?” I questioned. “Sometimes they come and bring berries but that’s it, I often see other creatures around just passing by, all kinds of shapes and sizes. The most amazing waterfall lies west of here, the water furries take seat there. They’re the most fluffy, friendly creatures ever. Very similar to dogs.” Peter wasn’t a mysterious guy. He just liked to see the world for what it really was. He was great.

“Let’s head home Sanny. Leave nature alone for the night.” Then, we headed home and would surely return again. In our own little world we knew about. M

Me and Peter went there almost every day, adventuring to places Peter had never been before. The greatest part of it all was that it was ours. Adventuring into wonderland together, never growing old.


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