Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Film Review

It was a sight to see Tom Cruise in a role which involved him showing feelings but he seemed to lack the action so many were used to in Cruises career in the second instalment of the Jack Reacher series. After reading the book of never go back, it was interesting to see the comparison. Expecting Edward Zwick to boost up the action or add a sense of mystery to the plot which had been easily seen in the book.

The film is centred around Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) being informed he may have a daughter named Samantha whose mother filed it to the army in hope of some child support or money of some kind. This obviously sets up Reacher in two side plots- one involving Turner(Cobie Smulders) and the other involving keeping his apparent daughter safe from being killed by a hit-man (Patrick Huesinger) who to say is as specialist as Reacher, showed a lack of comfortability in blending in, possibly being the most obvious hit-man to date. However, he did show a couple good scenes of fighting as well as a good recovery pace from being dived off a roof in a latter scene.

Anyhow, the main plot-line involving Turner begins when two of her men sent out to Afghanistan were shot dead after an organisation begins selling weapons and other explosive substances rather than keeping them in the U.S. Turner takes a strong hatred towards it and is soon to be killed after ‘knowing too much’…very predictable. However, fortunately for her, Reacher had previously been in contact with her via the phone to organise a dinner date and through doing so, finds himself stuck in the middle of things. This was looking good in relation to the Lee Child book but it lacked the mystery brought through by Child that was so important to the plot due to the action being rather limited.

The main action takes place at a carnival later on where everyone’s brought together after Huesingers character goes for Reachers ‘child’ which instantly hits Reacher in the feels. Slightly out of shape Cruise certainly hadn’t lost it though, proving his combat skills were furious and had the skills to take the likes of Bourne at his rate. Possibly. The rooftops become appealing for Samantha to escape however it results in Huesingers two henchman to easily be taken out with How I met Your Mother and Marvel star: Cobie Smulders to show her action side with some kick-ass moves. This evidently leads to Cruise having to either risk his life or let Samantha die and the predictable nature of the film can swing towards what any viewer could guess, leaving Cruise and Huesinger diving off a roof and fighting in a slow-motion style which was still impressive to say they’d both dived off the roof.

Unfortunately, Samantha isn’t Reachers daughter, leaving the concept of Reacher being a lone-wolf to continue.

Despite all the negative points, Zwick did get the humour for Reacher just right with Cobie and Cruise showing strong characters through-out the film. Not the best that Tom has been in but not the worst.


IMDb: 6.4/10

TRofaW:  6.8/10

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