500 Days of Summer: Film Review

“This is not a love story, it is a story about love.”

These are words that are the opening of the movie by a narrative voice. Surely giving the audience a hint at what is to come despite many, including me, wanting the Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Tom) and Zooey Deschanel(Summer) relationship to continue into reality.(Although her character is a 50/50 with the audience which will be explained.)

The film is of course called ‘500 days of summer’ which is where one shall begin. As you can imagine the films is about a relationship that is quite complicated between Tom who is placed by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Summer who is placed by Zooey Deschanel (girl off new girl). What is clever is that the films structure is rather non linear by cutting to certain days out of the 500 and then returning to others and eventually it all seems to click into place. Now, from a outside point of view it might seem like it will ruin the plot for the viewer but Marc Webb seems to take on the plan and make it his own and it actually seems to work having this approach rather than the typical chronological rom-com movie, showing a refreshed and remixed version to be seen.

The two meet at a greetings card company with both having bigger dreams such as Tom wanting to become an architect. Eventually this seems to plan out when he noticeably quits his job after becoming emotionally hurt by Summer when they break up. When I speak of a break-up, it’s complicated in the matter of Summer sees relationships and love as non-existent compared to Tom who believes in the movie kind of love where you fall in love and it’s your soul mate. This of course pays the price when Summer realises that Tom isn’t the one for her. This confusing viewpoint/ annoying viewpoint of love being non-existent and therefore doesn’t treat Tom in the right way after he fall in love and believes she’s the one, is the viewpoint which frustrates so many viewers of the film. But, I suppose this is how they wanted to portray Summer and Zooey Deshanel does a perfect job of playing the part.

The film features a few other characters such as Chloe Moretz playing the younger sister, earlier in her film career who actually acts like a guidance tool for Tom and when she does show up- the little sister perspective that somehow seems to know everything already about love is evident and actually puts forward some good advice if you get chance to watch the film and reflect on your own life…As well as his sister-there is Paul (Mathew Gray Gubler) and Mckenzie (Geoffrey Armend) who are Tom’s best friends with Mckenzie working along side Tom, providing advice, humour and his support through the bad times- mostly.

The film’s narrative allows the features songs from The Smiths, The Temper Trap and Regina Spektor in addition to playing ‘Make my dreams come true’ with a dance number from Tom after a night with Summer and the highlight of the song emphasises the love of which Tom has for Summer unknowing of her unpredictability. Without giving too much away, the film ends in ‘Autumn’ if you understand the subtle hint.

500 days’ of Summer provides a spectacle of a Rom-com, giving a new outlook on love and the differing views which society has these days. Love does become encountered and the 500 days show the true nature of ups and downs. Even though Summer is actually quite an annoying character and Tom is shown as the great guy who aspires for true love, the direction taken on the film is refreshingly brilliant. Easily recommended.

Imdb rating: 7.7

TRoaW rating: 7.9

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