A day in full- Macron gets it done in France

With Macron now being the French President-elect after holding a 64.3% victory over Le Pen’s 35.7%, the decision of not taking the risk with Le Pen is now a two way possibility of success or failure.

After creating a new party and having never been elected before- how on earth did Macron reach this stage? defeating what sounds like a Lionel Messi dribble of ‘the centre-left, centre-right and far right challenges.

It did seem apparent Macron was in with a chance when the main candidate Francois Fillon was tied up in a public scandal that made the voters look for a newby, someone fresh and who actually seemed genuine- Mr Macron with his people powered group ‘En Marche!’ Macron had an idea of where to go and he was sure going to get there.

Macron went on to send out people to knock on an estimated 300,000 doors and hold as many interviews as possible as to why Macron and his group are the people to do the cause. Along with this, Macron just brought something that Le Pen simply could not handle. A positive approach to it all with pop singers and culture to his rallies rather than the dismay that often led to protesters at Le Pen’s.

Marine Le Pen was simply narcissistic compared to a man looking for the opportunity to give France what they need and with a candidate all about ‘anti- near about everything’, a bit of positivity can go along way.

Whether or not this will back fire will soon be upon France but I for one am up for a fresh-youthful change. Perhaps Macron’s presence will inspire others like him to step up.

Maybe even me…




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  1. After the positive experience I had reading your essay on nature conservation, I couldn’t help myself but read on and it seems that you are as keenly interested in international politics as I am.

    The French people are deeply passionate and they will remain in my heart from my days as a pilot during the Second World War. Indeed, there is a rather silly anecdote which I have kept with me all these years, which I must admit, I am all too eager to share to those who are interested. During the bombing campaigns in 1944 of German military installations, I was tasked with flying alongside several different members of the Allied forces, including two Australians and a Frenchman.

    I remember one particular moment when I returned from a bombing run alongside this Frenchman, and as we returned to Scampton Airbase, we stepped out of our warplanes and strode along the runway. The Frenchman turned to me and said (as I recall it in his language, pardon me for any errors): “Vous pouvez être mon soldat à tout moment”.

    From then on, I nicknamed him “Homme de glace”, for his cold and steely determination in the face of the enemy.

    It deeply warms my heart to know that the people of France are as virile and strong as they were in those fateful days, ensuring that their country endures against all odds and all enemies by electing Emmanuel Macron.

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