Humans as a Virus: Essay Concerning Human Future Generations

Now I’m sure when looking at the title, it’s a mouthful that many would turn away after thinking it’s just a load of nonsense but hear me out…

The human race, rather like shown in Matrix if you have the same understanding, are a huge virus within our world. It’s suggested that we as an evolution may have possibly developed from a single organism to what we are now. Connotations of a virus are often bad and interpreted as something that needs to go. In truth- it’s the reality of the situation. If we look around us, global warming is happening at an alarming rate and we are definitely not doing enough about it. Thousands upon thousands of trees are destroyed/ felled everyday and we simply believe it’s fine to do so because by buying select toilet paper they replant so many trees but is this really having a huge impact on what is already happening.

A man named James Lovelock who is actually influenced a lot in his life time, maintained this view of what is called the ‘Gaia hypothesis’. This is the understanding that the world we live in is simply a huge living organism that wants nothing back but gives all to create the life and ecosystem which we live in today. We as humans are apart of Gaia but are currently destroying the planet after all that was asked of us was to preserve it. Now Lovelock goes into suggesting that it’s all good in his first report on Gaia but in his latest of the two named ‘the revenge of Gaia’, it’s a different story consisting of an angry planet that is not able to return to it’s previous state. We as humans have messed it up so bad, there is no longer a possible return to sustainability. In truth, I agree, we are heading towards what is predicted at a worlds end in 100 years or near about. Yet, if we are to accept that Gaia is a living organism as the planet we know- could Gaia be trying to rid the planet of this ‘virus’ known as humans.

Crazy to think about but before we were around- all that was to be heard was an ecosystem living in harmony and then we hear about conflicts leading to desertification and 11,000 trees being feld in Darfur, Sudan due to lacking resources, Coca-Cola draining water sources in India for a factory and pollution in China that’s killing 500,000 people per year. How does that sound for a great evolution.

Resources have been taken advantage of and in some respect-we are treating the planet as a host body for the virus that we are. Viruses to us that affect our immune system or diseases that are able to kill are simply ways of the planet trying to provide antibodies against a human race that’s developed beyond repair. Now that we as a species are coming to an end, a new host body or a new planet in our words which is able to support life is coming to peoples attention. Like a virus that is spreading. It’s not hard to understand that there are of course people who are fighting back against what could be ‘a virus’ , I mean there’s environmental concern in all governments and is a primary aim of the Millennium development goals. Is this simply a cover-up for those who are not as powerful to believe we aren’t apart of this virus that simply feeds off power and aims to control the resources that are available to other forms of life. Take the theoretical example of humans finding life on another planet and resources are available to our usage. There is transport available to get there and the planet is currently sustainable in living with it’s current organisms on the planet. What happens when we as a species gets there? We would use the resources to create buildings, create cars, find new technology to use as weapons or materials that aid our development. Organisms living on the planet would be tested on and unless they are capable of sentience, humans see it as nothing more than another animal that could be food or capable of resources for humans because we as humans want to expand and take over resources and new places, take over until a greater power is possible. Just like a virus.



  1. I am rather elderly now, and I must confess I am not too familiar with the workings of the internet, but I must say this was a profoundly moving essay Mr. Baines. I too am greatly concerned with our treatment of Mother Nature. In my old age, I have spent much of my life tending to the wilderness around me, though this has mostly focused upon maintaining my allotment, as is very typical of a man my age.

    You have certainly raised issues which could be considered controversial or perhaps even – as I would describe it in my youth – extremely edgy, but you have ‘waxed lyrical’ and raised an eyebrow from me and my lovely wife, who happens to be sitting with me reading through this essay for the ages.

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    • Thank you, it’s great to see people keep an interest in issues raised and it’s concerning to see the nature that can be in a way- taken advantage of these days. However, keeping an allotment and little things everyday are still great benefits so it’s good to see you tending to one;) thanks again for commenting- do you think the world with ever get back to being with nature yourself or are we to far gone to go back? Interesting to see your points if you have time:)


      • That’s not a problem Mr. Baines, I have greatly enjoyed your work and it’s been a pleasure to read. As to your question regarding my thoughts on the potential future of the conservationist movement, I will say that there are (((vested interests))) that are pervasive in our societies, which seem to believe that profit and rapid industrial expansion are of greater importance than preserving these beautiful and harmonious green lands which I have loved ever since I was a small child. Certainly, it is worthwhile to pursue our own projects which help to preserve our natural world, but I believe more substantial action will be necessary in the future. I’m not sure exactly what that would entail, but I personally think the Arabic philosoper, El-Samael Hyde had some constructive ideas on how to transform our society and take back what was once precious to us from the international elites.

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      • Very much agree with you there and certainly in future years, I reckon some form of drastic action will be needed in hope of a sustainable future but small things can make a big difference! So who knows what might happen. I’ll check out the philosopher youve pointed out, thanks for reading again:)


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