The Lego Batman Movie Review

Lego films have been the latest to rise after the peak of the console games such as Indiana Jones, Star Wars and the Batman game. All of which were consumed in many hours of ps2 gameplay which definitely was not forgotten. Now the films have reached the lego universe with ‘The Lego Movie’ being some next awesome lead into the screen and when Batman was announced to have a film- I couldn’t wait. For some reason.

Perhaps my years of messing up Gotham City on PS2 was coming back to me and just wanted it to be sorted out again. Anyhow, the film is awesome. Will Arnett plays the vigilante that nails the voice that I still can’t replicate and sets the movie out with batman still fighting crime on him own and getting all the fame and idolisation from Gotham despite not actually capturing any criminals.

This is where the new commissioner Gordon(commissioner Gordons daughter) takes over and tells everyone of Batmans failure.

After an emotional scene between batman and the joker, the joker feels at loss at not being batmans greatest villain and the line of ‘we have no relationship’ causes the distraught joker to hand himself over to the police.

Obviously being a plan for the worse, this leaves Batman feeling the Jokers up to something and so he wants to send him to the Phantom Zone(Where the worst criminals go). This was clearly his plan and right from the start it was obvious at what was going on but the film plays out the plot nicely and everything begins to run smoothly. Something that Chris McKay does well and the humour of Lego comes into it with sarcastic and ironic one liners.

Anyhow, the Joker comes back with all the evil dudes from the phantom zone and suddenly all hope is lost for Gotham City. Some bigass monsters come back and for the human billionaire with a lot of money, it seemed it would need the justice league to come in.

Step up alfred, batmans son (this is basically robin and hes an awesome character that you love especially as he’s played by Michael Cera and Batman basically adopts him accidently but he turns out to be a natural sidekick) and new commissioner Gordon.

From here, some mega action takes place and leaves the audience of any age wanting more lego films. This ultimately leads to a clash of the titans and batman talks to the joker about how he’s had a change of heart and after having a son and realising he has a family- the joker is apart of his life which was actually quite sad and was up there with the notebook “It wasn’t over, it still isn’t” scene. You know which scene I’m on about. Anyway, the city is falling apart and to hold it together, they need to use ‘mega abs’ to connect and bring it back together. Simple solution but works.

The new Batman family now has a montage of family events like meals and movie nights and alls well that ends well. Perhaps a sequal? Who knows. All together good film.


  • Literally a really good film and good for all ages. Gives the Lego feel that was evident in the Lego movie and shows the humour that any age would find funny.
  • Also uses references to the real Batman and old school Batman references which is cool


  • Feature of Justice League could of done with a bigger part as they would good characters to include. Perhaps have there own movie at some point?
  • The end song that Batman sings should have been early in the film- it was great



TRoaW: 8/10



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