Why Would Neymar Move?

After so much speculation about the Brazilian and Barcelona players future- it appears that Neymar is finally going to join Paris Saint-Germain. A decision which seems far from rational.

Neymar has been apart of the unstoppable force that is ‘MSN’ (Messi, Suarez and Neymar) where for three straight seasons, they’ve hit over 100 goals between them. a record that involved scoring more league goals between the three of them than Manchester United last season alone. A team that has finally gone under some changes with Lukaku coming in which for me is going to make United’s chances of winning the league a whole lot better.

Neymar’s transfer has however undergone a refusal by La Liga after PSG triggered the release clause. The French League has gone on to say in a statement: ‘We ask La Liga to abide by FIFA rules and responsibilities.’ As they ‘do not understand the reason for refusing the transfer.’

Whether or not the transfer may actually be haulted much longer- the transfer itself should be talked about. Consider Neymar’s career going from Santos to Barcelona- a team that appears top of the top and a club many would desire to play at. Never mind leave. What is gong on here can be seen to come from two angles:

  1. Money: It’s simply too much to refuse and see’s the chance to move away from Barcelona as a way to gain more money while having another opportunity to show his ability in a different league at a £198 million transfer plus a contract of around £3000 per hour.
  2. Selfishness: It’s not hard to realise that when playing at Barcelona, Messi is the main centre of attention and it’s not hard to see why after surpassing 500 career goals last season with the Argentine only to go onto score even more in helping the Catalan Giants to another good campaign. Neymar is definitely one to see as being a future Balon D’or winner with both Ronaldo and Messi over 30 but will moving to PSG hinder this? Neymar wants to be centre of attention and with his potential and ability, at any other club near enough- he would be the best player.

Neymar is a player who wants to be the best and despite being close friends with Suarez and Messi who posted an emotional montage saying  ‘good luck with the next step in his career’, still would choose the chance to shine as an individual rather than being part of the best forward line in the world. Something which shows a lot about the 24 year old’s character.

This is a step back for Neymar, the Ligue 1 is a step down in leagues from La Liga. Eden Hazard was incredible in that league at 21 so of course it will be no surprise to see him doing incredibly well in France but PSG are still along way from being a world dominant side. They lost the French title to Monaco last season and appear to still need a lot of work doing the squad. With the likes of Dani Alves and Neymar joining- perhaps this might be possible but with a straight and rational outlook on this move: it is a step back in the career of someone who could have easily continued to dominate in Spain and perhaps go into a more central strike position with at least another 8 years on his career.

A bad decision that if PSG don’t go onto compete on a European Level- could affect the career of an incredible prospect.


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