Kingsman: The Golden Circle Film Review

I for one really enjoyed this film. A lot of backlash went into this and turned the hype into criticism with the main issue appearing to say it became too American. Something which in some circumstances appears a large disadvantage with the likes of Walkers Crisps, Cadburys and even ASDA turning to the dark side it would seem. Question is whether Kingsman made the same mistake.

The film itself is based around the Kingsman secret service pretty much being destroyed with all but Eggsy (Taron Eggerton), Merlin (Mark Strong) and eventually Harry (Colin Firth) who is no longer dead.

Basically, Kingsman goes into ‘lock-down’ and relies upon a final hidden trick that is hidden within a bottle of Whisky. This of course is the Statesman. The American version. Statesman have Harry after using a new gel type face system that basically restored his brain after he was shot. As the Kingsman go to find Statesman, they come upon the main man himself- Tequila(Channing Tatum) who actually isn’t in the film as much as first hoped and made it slightly disappointing in doing so since the first glimpse we see of him is that he is a machine in action.

Since he takes drugs, he is infected with a virus that is in pretty much every single drug around the world/ America since that’s the only place we saw the virus in occurrence. Anyhow, the virus turns people blue and eventually die a slow painful death which is all part of the drug cartel leader- Poppy’s (Julianne Moore) plan to legalise her drugs to make more money. Clever idea in some way. However, it slightly backfires in the fact that the President is a hardcore traditionalist against drugs so he locks them all up in cages and plans to let them die as a world(America) without drugs is apparently better.

Anyway, it all kicks off and the Kingsman team up with Statesman to take her down but obviously they seem to have limited staff and since Channing Tatum took the drug and was frozen, it was basically just the Kingsman.

Enough knocking it off, the film does actually have some incredible camera work with close up action fighting that takes a circular view over the fights. This was seen in parts in the first one and it’s what sets it apart from a typical action film for the fighting is unique and really considers each character and the way in which they fight. Something which films such as Taken should consider since Liam Neeson just does the classic ‘I know a few moves that will get my family member back’.

Furthermore, the films plotline does have some problems, considering what I pointed out earlier is that the drug is seen as ‘global’ but we only see it in America and doesn’t properly develop the influence that this virus would have on the world since Poppy’s drug trade is suppose to be the biggest in the world- there would be millions, possibly billions that would be at risk and this really doesn’t get discussed in enough depth.

In addition, it does go a bit too American in some ways and I understand it’s about joining the Statesman too but by limiting the English part about it- it takes away the basic foundation of the Kingsman being an English brand. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed listening to ‘West Virginia’ multiple times but a it seems to push it slightly too much.

On the contrary, we see more of an insight into Eggsy’s life and his relationships with some of his friends and Girlfriend which gives us a depth of how even though they are trained to be ‘weapons’ at the of the day, there’s a subtle theme that emerges of emotion that puts into perspective the life we live. Even though these agents are taught not to have emotions, it’s seen as better that way rather than being attached. Harry points out that when he was shot- he felt lonely and nothing was on him mind. No loved ones or emotion and it was there that he realised the people around us are more important than a simple career. For as he puts it, “If you don’t have anyone to care for, you’ve got nothing to live for.”

In all fairness, the film does develop into a tasty film to spend a couple hours watching and does keep an intriguing story-line with plenty of action. It does lack some areas and it does overcompensate in others but all in all, it was good film.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017) on IMDb:7.3

TRoaW: 7.8

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