The Babysitter Film Review

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this film.

The Babysitter begins with introducing us to the main set of characters that make the film. There’s Cole(Judah Lewis) who is a 12-year-old who gets bullied a lot but has a thing for Melanie(Emily Alyn Lind) and of course his babysitter who admits to loving right at the end named ‘Bee’ (Samara Weaving).

Bee is seen as a really cool babysitter who looks after Cole while his parents go away, possibly to sort their marriage out after numerous references to a divorce. It’s actually quite an uplifting film to start with as we begin to see what Cole’s life is like at school and how he doesn’t feel like he fits in but his babysitter helps him out. It’s only when Melanie dares Cole to stay up to see what the babysitter does once he’s asleep after Melanie claims they have sex. This couldn’t have been further from the equation as Bee proceeds to stab an innocent teen in the head with two knives during a game of truth or dare.

It did come rather unexpected and this is also when we finally see Bella Thorne who is the main advertisement on the cover and turns up for about ten minutes. Something which I think I’m happy about after her dreadful display in ‘You Get Me’. The film does however use the spin the bottle to introduce the other characters as the house of Cole and his Babysitter quick becomes a murder house Round the spin the bottle is ‘King Bach’ or Andrew Bachelor, Robbie Amell, Hana Mae Lee, Doug Haley and of course Bella Thorne.

From here it quick becomes a prey against predator as Cole sees that his babysitter and her friends were actually performing a satanic ritual using the blood of the innocent and pure which is of course the one which Bee stabbed in the head and Cole. Cole catches on and rings the Police which eventually show up and die. Not before shooting Bella Thorne, thank you for that.

Anyhow, the hunt for Cole is a good one and to say the depth of celebrities that are in the film, it takes up a comedy horror and it seems to work perfectly. Hana Mae Lee is in a role a lot different to that of Pitch Perfect and Robbie Amell plays out a jock, again, but good enough so I’ll let him off. The deaths take place as you would expect until it’s just Cole and Bee. (Sorry for the spoilers if you were expecting Robbie Amell to come out on top.) Something which was quite obvious from the beginning without a great deal of foreshadowing needed so something which could have been improved was the character development of the others.

Yet, apart from this, it uses humour and horror to compliment itself and I think that with the Netflix audience out there, it’s important for them to be releasing some of their own good films and they’re certainly getting closer to having some really good ones. I’ll admit that this film isn’t anything special when looking at other horrors and especially since it goes along the same wave length as the ‘Scary Movie’ films. This just leaves a gap that’s there to fill. The plot was good but seemed like they ran out of ideas to kill people with some very typical murders that would happen in a house. This is where the creative spark was missing.

Despite this, I did enjoy watching it from a general viewers perspective and so I’d definitely rate it as one to watch. Samara Weaving and Judah Lewis were the right picks for the roles. Especially Samara who was able to play this sort of split personality that she separated her babysitter life from the satanic side and it’s clever to see the contrast in personalities that she goes through in almost being this loving carer who was also Cole’s friend. In contrast, she’s got this hidden persona you really don’t expect. I for one was impressed and really brings to light that we really can’t trust anyone. Apparently you walk past a serial killer something like 20 times in your life. People aren’t always who they say they are and how we have the Jock, Cheer leader, Outcast, Babysitter and we come across them in everyday life. Perhaps the person next to you is a satanic follower? Who knows.

The Babysitter (2017) on IMDb 6.5

TRoaW: 7.5

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