What’s Really Possible in this World?

A question I’ve been wondering is that what is possible in this world? Did you know that nearly 100 million sharks die every year and that species are going extinct as you read this? Yet, why don’t we do something about it? We’re living in a world that currently is destined for failure after all those years of human evolution to the point where as a generation we don’t need to hunt to eat, we can just go to the shop whenever we want and due to this, it’s now at the stage where we are over producing, rain forests are being torn down for cattle and no-one cares.  Roughly one burger takes up an equivalent in water of one months worth of showers. What kind of fact is that? Now the point of all this is that my original question asks what’s possible and if we change or had gone around things differently, perhaps we would be capable of so much more.

As a generation, we have developed quicker than any other, think about how fast the internet was created to the mass production of phones and now everyone will walk down the street with a phone on them. The thought of having cars that don’t need a driver would have been near impossible a decade ago and now it’s becoming a reality. The development of technology is rapid and it’s happening right in front of us and it shows just how intelligent our species is and yet the fundamentals of survival are the parts that are missing.

Yes, we live in houses and eat food and care for family and friends but the original fundamentals included protecting the planet and that’s now the least of peoples priorities. Plastic straws are used every day and over 100,000 in America alone aren’t recycled. For wildlife, it can play a major hazard as I’m sure a lot of people have seen the video of the turtle with the straw blocking it’s nose and subsequently it’s breathing. Our impact on the earth is becoming dangerous. Nature is an incredible thing and no matter what humans have done, natures adapted to survive on instincts and revolve around humans due to our ‘superiority’ but all that’s different is that we are seen to be more intelligent because we can talk and do all these things that make us, ‘human’. How different would it be if the industrialisation had never occurred, transport would have never developed. People lived in close communities and cared for one other while protecting that around us. We could be living in a world where global warming isn’t happening and we live peacefully with animals rather than running them over, shooting them, hunting them and abusing them. We’re adapting at a rate that means the ‘hunting instinct’ isn’t in our DNA anymore. When someone says that it goes back to caveman, you have to realise that they had no other choice. They didn’t know what could kill them and that in the future there’s an ALDI where they first killed a wild animal. We’ve changed so much since then and are now at the point where we don’t need to eat meat to survive. It’s now being proven that it causes diseases and clogs up your inside whereas a plant based diet is a much healthier option. We have developed as a species so much and only now are people starting to realise.

In the future, perhaps they will look back to now and see inventions of phones and realise that this was the generation that shaped the world. Times are becoming precious, decisions made everyday are changing our world. The film interstellar quotes that ‘we were born on earth, we were never meant to leave’. It’s true, we were born on Earth however you wish to believe, from evolution or a God or whatever you believe, we are all on this Earth together and so we are living together. Now, considering how many people are on this planet, consider how money now is the biggest influence on how the world is run, we’ve just became greedy. When did people stop caring? Millionaires are popping up all the time and build a huge house which just messes up the planet even more while people are struggling to make enough money to buy bread. It’s about 79p in some shops. Less than one pound and because of how economies are run, people aren’t able to afford that. We can just buy that when we like, the breads always stocked up when needed and we don’t appreciate it. So, what can we possibly do?

People need to change to adapt to a world which is dying. The planet needs us more than ever and we’re building more factories, eating more meat and contributing massively to the destruction of the world. Now I’m not here to tell everyone to go stop driving and become a vegan while protesting everyday but I am saying to give it a go. Read up on it because these big companies don’t want us to realise just how bad the food industry is impacting everything. Watch ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What The Health’ which are both on Netflix and listen because we really have no idea what’s going on. Capitalism is a strange thing that Karl Marx picks up on: “The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them.”  This pretty much sums up how this is working. Take a moment to think to yourself about life and the decisions you make for they will shape your future and future generations. What is possible in this world? A development of human evolution to become even more advanced than ever. We could be looking at flying cars and maybe we’ll be able to transport from one location to another in seconds. The future is happening as we speak but maybe what should be possible is finding cures, not only for diseases and illnesses but but our own evolution. Perhaps someone will find a way to allow nature to co-exist peacefully on the same planet. Perhaps people will finally realise everyone is equal which means equal pay or perhaps I’m just putting high expectations on a generation of greed and arrogance.

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