Is It Possible to Live Without Money?

We live in a world that’s governed by money. You can argue there’s a lot more to it such as democracy and war and environmental impact but what it all really comes down to is money. I’m asking the question of whether it’s possible to live without money because I think that in an ideal society, of course it is but in reality, it’s not, and it sucks.

After reading some of Karl Marx and Engel, it’s very easy see just how they’re ideas are in place today. If we look back in history, evidently, the bourgeoisie basically started a revolution to gain more control of the land that the feuds were currently in control of and in turn maximise their own profits rather than that of the nobles and those seen to be higher up than them, Then comes the industrial side of things and as machines were rising up, workers were needed to control them/ use their labour to make a living which makes the bourgeois even richer.

See, we look back in history and it’s man that made change and this is what Marx highlights. He looks at that it is not history that changed how we were living but those living within the history who stood up for what they believed in. There was no outside force as an idealist would be lead to believe but a materialist standpoint in which those who wanted something to happen, made it happen. Now, what I’m getting at here is that despite there being this evidence of the lower class/ proletarians gaining what appeared to be a better deal for them or to include more freedom, this is not the truth. For as the labourer would be paid more, the demand for production thus is increased and sold for more to increase the capitalists profit so that the capitalist will never lose. This will continue to occur until we become alienated to the point of accepting our fate in allowing the minority to win.

Yet, if you really think about it, the working class could, in a theoretical view, all stop working. This would leave the capitalists without work or a work force to provide capital for them. Demands could be met to allow equal wages for all in which the ‘boss’ people report too would not be earning how ever much more they do. The cost of the factory and resources should be correlated with the cost of labour until a figure of equal value is reached to leave a perfect community. Closest to this we can get is a good old friendly communism. Obviously, people are too greedy to accept a change in which they lose money for what does money do? It provides a status of wealth and power in our world. So, if we look at it this way, although we would still have money, we would be earning according to the property of which we own and equal pay would be distributed to create a more equal and ideal society. Yet, it still involves money.

So why do we need money so much? We have this part of us as a human to want more. Yes there are some people who are exceptions to this and are against the system but this stands for the majority. The capital in which we earn is a symbol of ourselves. A level of intelligence is associated with wealth and it controls how the world is divided. Class inequality has never been so clear and what has also never been more clear is the amount of motivation people have to earn money. Think about how millions of fish are taken from the ocean, think about how the Amazon rain forest loses acres of rain forest every day, think about the killing of animals for horns or fins or skin. It’s all for a standard of living. How low as a species have we come to the point that as one of the most intelligent species on the Earth, we are not taking care of the planet that is so clearly dying but destroying it even more. If we look at it simply, we are causing a rapid depletion of our resources and not putting anything back. It’s like constantly eating chocolate and nothing else, knowing it’s not good for you and that you could become seriously ill or actually die but continue to do so because you can’t be bothered to do anything about it. Everyone knows the planets dying but nobody is doing anything about it and it’s this that Marx talks about unions.

Unions can be very beneficial if done so correctly. It can go onto create a party and it can cause wages to rise or new laws to be put in place. Now imagine a huge party in which people actually agreed on ideas that allowed equal pay, the class difference wasn’t in place and money wasn’t as much of an influence on peoples lives as much as it is. Imagine where money wasn’t an issue like yes, necessities were easily paid for but people actually cared about other people and other things other than themselves. Now, of course we can live without money, it’s just whether the rich start listening to the poor and a set of rules are put into place that provide equality because there isn’t equality in the world. Injustice is evident and it’s only by becoming a community that the issue of money isn’t a problem.

We live in a point in time where we’re struggling to find a perfect society and we as the oppressed vote for those to oppress us even more and it’s called democracy. Emmanuel Kant, although an idealist in some respect and a materialist in others, created what’s known as the categorical imperative to provide a set of rules that maxims/laws must be able to go through. These include: universal acceptance so the law would be accepted all over the world.  Not treating someone as a means to an end so having a maxim that would be equal and then the concept of kingdom of ends. Basically this is just that if we were in an ideal society, would the maxim be accepted in this society. What this leads me to say is that perhaps we do need a philosophical influence playing a greater impact in the world. Some of the greatest influences have come from Philosophers. Lenin, Marx, Aristotle to name a few and perhaps this is where our society could become a more just society.

A just society that doesn’t have money as it’s centre influence but has morality and reason at the centre. A power that’s communal and agreed upon by society and actually is here to enjoy rather than work for all our lives in misery like what’s that about? Whether a God exists or not, or a spiritual influence can guide us to our viewpoints, history has always changed in evolution through actions and it wasn’t a God who presented us with a messed up society, it was humans who have done this and it’s up to us to sort it out. Maybe one day we’ll find all the answers to the universe but I’d rather have tried to create a moral and just society where people are treated as equal than worry that I spend my time in hope of a spiritual awakening. At the end of the day- if there is something after all this, we will be judged on our actions and a moral life seeking the greater good for not only evolution but the planet itself is the greatest one can achieve in life. Searching for a life where money isn’t the greatest influence but equality and freedom is.

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