More than Meets the Eye- a Short Story

Each morning certain details remained the same in the village. Jack Thorn would wander the brisk air of the village in thought of having a dog or a companion maybe walking through the fields. Jack couldn’t walk for too long as he needed to be there to make his wife some breakfast. He thought whether it would be easier to keep walking. Wondering if his wife would notice. He would set the table with knives and forks, glasses for juice, one with apple in and the other empty so his wife could choose orange or apple. Tray of toast in the middle.

They lived in a small village which was one way that ensured the changes of urban society were kept at a distance with one shop having everything that was needed. Also a small park and town nearby. Farming was most peoples choice for careers in the village. No police was needed; it was a lonesome town that Jack Thorn experienced day by day. There was also a Butchers. The finest around where Jack Thorn would earn his money. Jack would smile as he saw his wife. A look- something that spoke to Jack about his wife and her true feelings- appeared before him. He didn’t notice the usual fake smile and glint of long lost love.

Morning light is upon us in this small town of ours.” Jack began a conversation with his wife.

Shall we have some food at work instead,” she replied.

Think I’ll grab it here and meet you there love. Few errands to run.”

See you there then Jack.” She left the room and Jack continued to eat alone.

Jack needed something to get him away from the simple life. A trip to anywhere but the village was perfect. Ready to leave tomorrow to anywhere possible. So Jack went to the travel agents to look around.

Jack went to the travel agents. There was a day trip the next day down south. He figured he could check it out then maybe there was a house he could look at while down there. Sounded like a good idea to Jack.

The middle of the day was a good time for Jack Thorn. He could feel the crisp air as he breathed in- he could see his butchers’ shop ahead- and Jack gave a smug look that way.

Oh my love! You in there?” he asked with a jolly step towards a new future. “We nee d a conversation. I think perhaps it’s time we got away from this place.”

Jack’s wife came out to the empty street- walking in to the sight of Jacks’ grin.

What are you smiling about,” she said.

Got myself a trip to the coast tomorrow. Thought I could look at some property. Day away if not- can’t bare it here- and a day away from the business won’t hurt.” Jack gazed back at his wife- hoping for a nod to signal yes.

I think we can finally settle in properly and make a name in this village. You know, with the business. Stop with your dreaming Jack.” An answer that was not expected.

What? I said not to. We’re trapped. Let’s talk this out again OK?”

You’re always moaning Jack. May as well leave town myself, “she joked.

See, now this is what I was talking about. You want to leave secretly. Either way I’m getting out of this place with or without you,” Jack laughed. “I’m leaving tomorrow. Come with me- or not- Maybe we could sort out the problems we clearly have.” Jack grabbed the closest thing to him. “It’s just to much for me.” A solid fresh chicken drumstick. “We could have gone somewhere together but it’s too late.”

Just leave Jack. I think it’s best we get a divorce anyway. This dream of yours is making you crazy.” Before Mrs Thorn could do anything, Jack Thorn jammed the bone end straight into her eye socket and damaged her brain.

Don’t talk to me about crazy.” Jack Thorn watched as his wife slowly bled out. “Divorce is the last of my worries. Guess this solves that issue. Guess I’ll be packing for that trip of mine alone then, probably more fun anyway.” Mrs Thorn lay there dead as Jack checked to see if any blood had gone on any of the produce.

Jack took the body to the back of his shop and hung it up like any other meat in the freezer.

Look after the shop for me love.” He closed the door behind him.

Jack Thorn turned the open sign to closed, set off for a brisk walk alone again, only this time he had his head high. Taking it all in.

Two months later and Jack hadn’t heard anything from anyone. A small village simply lost its butchers’, but no-one knew why. An odour would seep through the butchers shop but no-one batted an eye-lid. The body had been moved to a location that Jack knew he could keep a watch over and if anyone did ask about the smell it was what Jack claimed to be ‘meat drying out’.

Jack Thorn had filed a missing person report claiming his wife went missing on holiday after they moved out of town. Jack never mentioned the truth. Maybe he never would. Something he could chuckle about. The Police were round for another question-answer session.

You have any idea where she could be? You said she left but never said where?” One proceeded to ask.

No-idea Officer. Mentioned about wanting to move out of the village but I didn’t expect her to go missing while we were on our trip down south together. That’s why I moved down here from our old place. Memory of her.” Jack Thorn stood up. “I’ll get some drinks.”

As Jack left the room he could hear them speaking softly.

She’s definitely missing. Could be dead. Who knows.”

Jack Thorn wanted a sandwich. A meat he had recently thawed out. He opened his freezer and Mrs Thorn was inside in bite size chunks.

Told you we’d move.”

He made the officers some too.

I kept some of the meat from when I was a butcher. Some of the best. My own speciality.”

They all took a bite.

Good taste to this. I hope it was killed ethically.” A policeman said while chuckling to himself.

Don’t you worry about that, no room for error these days.”

They all laughed. Jack Thorns’ smile grew into a smirk.

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