Can’t We just Enjoy Life?

With what I believe is an awakening for Jim Carrey has be seen as a mental breakdown to many but in reality, what he is saying is the truth. We’re living a world of selling ourselves to try an increase our ‘happiness’ in life but this isn’t ‘happiness’, it’s a form of what we believe is happiness. We want to make our lives better and so by buying all this stuff we think that it’s going to instantly make a shift in our life, it’s not how it works. You can think that by adding new clothes or a new plant or music CD that we somehow create our personality but these CD’s are being sold all around the world and don’t get me wrong, music in awesome and brings people together but it doesn’t make you an individual because you listen to a different band that your friends do. Others will listen to them as well and buy that same plant or shelf from IKEA. It’s things that create a perception of who we believe we want to be seen as due to the connotations that they bring but isn’t this all just an act?

We are more than happy to create our lives around what we want to believe and that somehow we can just fall into these lives we create but in reality, we put in the hard work for something more than the things around us. Those who put in the work to develop themselves and see life for what it is, past all the stuff that’s in-front of us, will see true happiness.

This is why I see Jim Carrey as a wise guy. He said that ‘I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.’  These are words from a celebrity himself who has been at the top and created all these masterpieces in film history and he is telling us who aren’t necessarily famous that life isn’t perfect if you get rich and famous. Truth is, it’s about stepping back from the character that we create such as ‘Jim Carrey’ or whatever your name is and just accepting we’re all here and moving forward in a world that at the end of the day- we’re all apart of one huge organism that’s trying to understand what our purpose is. By stepping back from ourselves and this materialistic life, we’re able to see that we have an incredible life like we’re living things. Appreciate what’s around you and the happiness that people bring you because that’s what matters. Long term happiness is only capable by enjoying life for what it is and having fun.

We think that it’s awful how we pay taxes and lose jobs and have all this negativity but it’s balanced out by positive things happening too. For every job lost, there will be a chance for a new start that sets you out on a path to finding a more fulfilled life. Every time you don’t have enough money to pay the bills then there’s a time that you stop spending unnecessary money or realise there’s ways around these problems that make you realise life has so many different paths to lead. It’s all a big game to play around with and see how you can do. If not this life then maybe we come back, who knows but for now you’re in a world that endless possibilities are actually in place to be a scuba diver or a politician. It’s all about figuring out what you want to do and working towards it. We’re all actors in a sense of that by waking up each morning, we are creating our own identity to live with so why not switch things up. Enjoy life for the fundamental values that exist, not these extras that are added for a short term pleasure but the core beliefs that really make life worth living.

Have fun, work hard when you need to and sit back from time to time to appreciate how awesome life can be.

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