Daddy’s Home 2 Film Review

Trying to Re-do Film Review Style so may be going over a few changes- to make it simple and snappy—

Daddy’s Home 2 is actually a decent film for Mark Mahlberg, very surprising…

[Spoilers]Plot: Basically just all the dads this film could have, come together for a family Christmas and it’s brilliant. Even John Cena(Roger) is in it for quite a bit, including singing for a rendition of Band Aid. Mel Gibson(Kurt) plays (Dusty)Wahlbergs dad which they both have a strange, distant relationship so a bonding occurs which was previous obvious. (Brad)Will Ferrells Dad is John Lithgow(Jonah) who plays a strangely close Dad and he’s great, just what the film needed. However, turns out Jonah doesn’t have the perfect relationship that Brad believes, which results in a nativity scene brawl(briefly) which prompts a separation of the family. They get back together to perform band aid but rest of the film is similar to the first in that it’s just a funny film that doesn’t actually need a deep plot to work. This is what helps the film flow.

Good: Classic film that’s for the family or any age, I found it hilarious and I’m 18. Mark Wahlberg didn’t annoy me as much as usual which is good?

Bad: Speculation over Mel Gibson in the news made the film slightly weird but depending on your views, it’s up to you if you want to watch it. Also, Alessandra Ambrosio’s character, Karen, didn’t have enough lines to find out whether she was annoying or not.

Watch again?: Yes, but only on Christmas and maybe after watching the first again. Good film but not the film you can watch over and over.

Daddy's Home 2 (2017) on IMDb 6.2/10

TRoaW 7/10

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