A Question of Where it All Ends

A book called, ‘Naive. Super’ by Erland Loe is the latest I’ve read about the exploration of a tedious life. He brings to light the joys of simplicity and what we should appreciate from that around us and the reality of the conventions we live in. Something else he talks about in his novel briefly is about when we end.

He explains that his character is reading a book on the universe and all this science stuff I don’t really understand but then percentages come into play. He claims that there’s more people now living in this moment than there has been over 2/3 of the life in existence. Eventually, this leads onto how the universe is expanding then at some stage, it will begin to reverse and go in on itself. This would lead to our destruction.

So, if this really is true, we are living in a fraction of a time of our existence where time is technically a man-made formula to try make sense of our universal laws to ultimately figure out something more about the universe. Did you know time goes 0.something of a second slower at the top of the Empire State building? Time passes by and we add such rules to be fulfilled by certain times in our lives and it’s all just an invention of the brain to create some form of order. Despite it being illogical.

My point of this is that whether time is real or not, our ‘time’ on Earth will come to an end. Perhaps our purpose is to create someway of prolonging this so that we can adapt to the universe and continue living. Perhaps we are an experiment in some other universe that’s actually tiny in comparison to theirs, and our whole existence is only 5 days in theirs. Perhaps as I’m writing this, someone is staring at us to see if we are adapting to create some kind of function in which we serve a greater purpose in their universe. Yet, we would never know.

It’s interesting to think that our end could be our new beginning. We either don’t find a solution to the universe closing in on itself or we do and we prolong our existence and in some shape or form, find out that we are part of this complex chain of universes that explains our very creation. Thus, there is no end. There is no necessary point of our existence dying, so long as we prolong it in a successful way. We can create a future if we try and in doing so, we figure out our past.

The question then is that if there is no end of our existence, are we able to find other existence’s out there that are in similar situations?

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