‘What If?’ Questions

I’m sure many of you have sat there in the morning, perhaps in bed or maybe during a daydream. Just thinking about ‘What if?’ Truth is, we all have and it’s frustrating because there’s the ‘what if’ of the past, where you wonder if you should have done something else. Longing for an answer over a possibility of a slightly happier future. Something that you can’t even change.

Then there is the ‘what if’ of the future. Regarding the long term aim of trying to accomplish something such as, ‘what if I post more often?’ Hoping it’ll lead to more views or some kind of aim. What’s good about this second ‘what if’ is that it’s possible to do. The past is gone and we shouldn’t look that way. The future is coming at us quicker than we realise.

So, if you ask yourself, ‘what if’ in relation to a future goal, then go do it. It’s not a case of not being possible, if’s a case of being bothered to stick to something and be capable of being consistent because that’s when you will see improvements.

Myself, as a hopeful writer, find myself asking myself these questions and know that it’s with consistency that something can happen. Even the smallest of things like swapping tea for water or chocolate for a healthier option.

We are all in this world, working towards our aims, so respect that and work hard to find your place and make a difference.


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