Is Technology More Advanced Than We Realise

After reading multiple theories and even being slightly inspired by Black Mirror. It could be that perhaps we aren’t in this world after all. (Hang on in there with this because it gets slightly complicated).

We’ve all seen the matrix or at least know how it roughly goes and it’s simple really. This world isn’t real. You’ve probably spoken to someone you know about how we are, ‘in a dream’, or perhaps how once we die- we finally wake up.

See, this could easily be a load of simulations to create an illusion that appears real. Sensory receptors that create the illusion of texture and vision and sound. A world that’s not even here. A world by which we lose ourselves in a reality that’s not even real. Are we here to find ourselves and our true passion? Maybe, our true selves go into this simulation to discover what they really want to do. Or, this is a game. (Like in that Rick n Morty episode where they can see how old they can get too at the arcade.) It’s difficult because we can go only go on what our senses and intuitions tell us therefore we are no closer to finding our what our purpose really is.

There’s this whole world inside a universe that no-one truly knows the reason how we got here. It’s a continuing and expanding universe that seems to have no limits where we can stop and think about our purpose or about the objects around us to realise the meaning they find in existence. Descartes’ quote of ‘I think therefore I am’ is often used but what’s that really saying? If our senses are simulations, the past can be a simulation too by which those of the future could enter the past to restore a historically accurate representation to make our present appear truthful.

We may all have our own universes to enjoy as we please. We can select a past and upload ourselves then our true selves live as us in this world. Trippy right.

I think the worst thing in all this is that technology is advancing in this world at a rate that we can only guess unless you’re in the know. Things could be happening in labs that we can’t even imagine. Other universes could exist but it’s just too complicated to share with everyone. If we all are just simulations of larger, real us then why can we not communicate or somehow get out of the simulation until death. Suppose the issue then is that we don’t really exist so how can we find meaning in an existence that doesn’t really exist in anything other than a game.

We never will know until we’ve finished this life and perhaps woken up out of a dream or a game and carry on as normal. We will never truly accept the reality we have when all we can do is conjure up guesses of our existence and find faith or beliefs which are probably chosen for us. Our real selves may not know that this is being written but I’ve said to go on the laptop to enhance my career somehow like in ‘Sims’. They may not realise how real this feels just like we may not in Sims or a game we play. It’s too tricky to find out.

I could also be talking rubbish but what if I’m not? Can we really be apart of something greater than this world which we’re just here to find a meaning for our other selves? Sensory experiences can just be tests to stimulate a reality to us to believe this is all we have. Then once we ‘get out’ of this one, we have a greater understanding of life in the real world perhaps.

Nobody will ever find this out. We can guess of our purpose and belief in God can be similar to this blog-post in the fact that God would effectively be another one of me whose controlling my actions around me. A tiny bit of storage on a console could be all that we are and yet we all feel like more. Yet, at the end of the day: we can only find out by continuing to fulfil what we believe is the path we belong too and finding out one day what we are really here for.

What would our true selves then be for? Maybe this is a contingent loop of realities where we find our purpose and right at the beginning of all this is the first loop where we chose to create other loops to enhance our experience in a life which is effectively just another loop that chose to create loops. (make sense?) Therefore, this is a chain of realities that has no true purpose. Just to exist and keep the loops going otherwise there is nothing and anything is better than nothing.

Wasn’t that a lot to take in.

Let me know what you think on technological advancement or life in the comments if you wish. Might do an extension of this with proper analysis if interested.


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