A More Positive Philosophy

I get that with the reality of our lives being shaped more and more around making the most of what we have left. yet, we should be focusing more on the experience we are in, never mind what’s happening in the future.

Philosophy can be very much focused around finding meaning in our lives. It can be about the need to fulfil our beings happiness requirements by succeeding our purpose or duty. We can also see the Philosophy or religion in the sense of there being a creator of the universe that we should pray too and see as the ultimate being. It’s a complicated world.

We should however be called to the happiness of living in the moment. A strong belief many millennials have that inspires the younger generation to get up and do something with our lives, rather than simply planning the future of our lives for years on end with the concept that debt is all that’s waiting for us. It’s wrong to view the world like this. Where’s the optimism gone?


Plato was optimistic in the sense of believing in a whole different realm where concepts such as beauty and justice are in their ultimate ‘form’. He wanted us to philosophise to gain true knowledge of these forms and reach a universal happiness. Yet, even though this may sound far fetched to the average reader, it’s fascinating when you indulge into his Philosophy and look at the optimism that he once shared.

The late Philosophy of Albert Camus and Sartre who often wrote in novels, talks about experiencing the true meaning of each day and not forgetting to take what we have as precious. We need this purity to come back into Philosophy.

So, what I’m suggesting is to reach into your minds and really dive into experiencing each day as it comes and looking at the values we seek and striving to be better as people. Humanities massively out of touch with each other and we should work towards communicating more and appreciating more because what’s the point in continuing to downgrade as a generation when we can work upwards.

We don’t know why we’re here or whether we have an afterlife or anything like that but what we do know is that so long as we are here, we should make the most of it. We should actually live like we’re suppose to. Get outside and do random things with the ones you love. Go on adventures and find meaning in every moment you create memories because it’s in the moments where meaning is found that a true sense of happiness is restored to humanity. It’s then that a true Philosophy of meaning and value is restored.

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