Living While Living

After I decided on a more positive philosophy to take up, I realised after the previous post that these things are very subjective in the definition of what ‘living in the moment’ really is.

There’s a large amount of people that simply believe they can go to a festival or go on an adventure and it’s simply the case of being there and saying you’ve done it. But the motive in this is that it’s not about the being there but the capability of saying you’ve done it.

It’s all about being there and being able to let go of everything else apart from that moment. Not being able to think about telling as many people that you’ve decided to go on more adventures and do it for the long term pleasure but acknowledging the moment and just continuing to think about what’s there and then. Now, I get that you may want to tell people that you’ve started living in the moment and that’s fine but it’s more about actually doing it rather than doing it for the sake of taking up a different image because that’s when you’ll lose yourself even more.

By letting go and taking up the everyday opportunities, you can make more of your day and realise that you’re capable of more and that it’s a world you can actually live in without being on your phone a lot. This is what I want to focus on as it’s then that meaning is found; then you are truly in the moment and being productive while fulfilling your life.

I guess the point of this is to make sure that you don’t get confused by taking it on as a trend and just being the same and doing more of something. That isn’t a more positive philosophy- just the same that’s worried about self-image. The action of actually letting yourself go to live in the moment is the one because you have realised the present is what shapes everything else and by doing so, you start to have peace inside and realise the worlds a better, more meaningful place than it’s made out to be.

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