The Unknown Life We Really Want

The main purpose of this update is to inform you that we are actually chasing after the completely wrong thing. The truest form of what we really want is to simply enjoy our simplicity.

If you’ve read any of my other Philosophical attempts at inspiring someone then this won’t be new to you that I’m trying to get into a fresher Philosophy of happiness. The moment we live in is what matters and being able to actually notice the moment and continue living it is what is needed.

If that’s gone over your head, I’m just trying to forward the idea that even though there is so much to focus on living this expensive and modern lifestyle involving so much external worth and acceptance. That concept of feeling like we have to be a part of something or to fit in and that is what our worth comes down to. Yet, it’s not is it. It’s all about being in the moment with those you love and just enjoying the experience of life.

We’re here and whatever happens is what shapes your life so make it happy because it’s a whole lot better than trying to find fulfilment where there is none to be found so enjoy yourself and be happy. Its that simple.

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