Philosophy in the Snow

Odd title yes, but it’s about what we can appreciate from this experience. If you’ve been following the more positive philosophy I’ve been writing lately then you’ll understand I’ve been going on about meaning and finding the purpose of just enjoying each and every moment. This can be applied today and all you have to do is look outside.

Honestly, it’s that simple and people can massively over estimate what you need to do to appreciate the little moments that we live in everyday. In England today, it snowed for a very short amount of time but enough to leave a nice bit of snow when I woke up. Finding that fresh smell of basically frozen water was brilliant. Think of the connotations of snow and often brought to Christmas or being able to sledge or snowball fight. They’re all happy moments that have been brought about by simply appreciating what we have while it’s there because for us lot in the U.K, we don’t get snow that often.

Take this one step further to that idea of making the most of it while it’s here. Isn’t that what we can do with life? It’s an illusion that we have loads of time to do everything because in all honesty, we don’t. Yet, what we can change this too is that we have how ever long left to do something with ourselves. To live in the moment and just try as many things as we possibly can since the worst that could happen is to look back when you’re older and be grateful you’d at least given it a go rather than never giving it the chance.

It’s about taking the day and making the most of it. It’s not hard. We do it when there’s snow or a certain holiday each year that we really go all out for to appreciate it. So, do that every day and you’ll soon find that by making the most of the moments you live, you will soon be happier and just more appreciative of that which you have.

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