Lessons on Life

It’s a well known fact that we are capable of doing near enough anything in this world, with only some perhaps more supernatural things still in need of conquering. With all this life that is capable of doing so many things that aren’t just rubbish, why do we do rubbish?

I’m guessing you’ve watched TV today and decided that perhaps it’s worth a read of something that may inspire you? If you’ve read one of my previous articles called ‘an essay concerning human nature’ then you would understand that we are all connected.

We are all connected in a world that is naturally beautiful and in some cases, humanly beautiful. So, why are we messing around with it all? We should be encouraging people to go outside and to communicate to each other through words rather than technology. We should go out and spend more time with family, reduce living costs and allow people to work less meaning more family time or time spent with those we love. That’s what should be happening.

James Lovelock talked about how the world is now getting ‘angry’ and that we have no chance of turning back on the inevitable death of our planet. This of course is our fault and there is no denying that we are heading that way but luckily, we have began to notice more than ever and people are actually making changes. Changes which are positively impacting society and the natural world, these are things we should be doing.

Rather than looking at short term hedonist pleasures, look for a future that is built up of long term goals achieved by living happily in the moment with real goods. Not just an ‘apparent good’ (Aquinas looks at how we can mistake what we think is good by thinking it’s good because of underlying conditions). In other words, focus on true happiness that is kind and caring for all. Not just yourself.

It’s not hard to make the most of our life so stop doing random, pointless stuff that is irrelevant with no meaning and find meaning by enjoying life. Simple as that really.


  1. However it is the random pointless stuff that finds the meaning and enjoyment. And all we really do is occupy time, and space. So Religion etc though pointless are methods of literally just occupying time. And also what you may perceive as pointless may not be for another. Lastly, enjoying life is way too boring isn’t it. It’s the dissatisfaction and fruitlessness that really gets us creative or productive in spurts. I dunno. Just wanted to argue:) πŸ™‚


    • Yeah, I suppose what I was getting at was that pointless stuff can be meaningful but it’s the meaning that makes it worth it. When something is just boring and actually has no meaning then that’s when we should realise it’s time to be productive? Also, yes. The dissatisfaction does produce these spurts;) but the spurt is caused by a down point that leads to enjoying life and that’s when you realise that enjoying life in all it’s imperfections leads to even more productivity and creation.

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      • Agreed, but if you seek meaning in something then it’s a painful life. You will find the meaning, yes, but it should come to you. What’d you think? What’s meaningfull for you ? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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