Time doesn’t Exist

Jim Carrey talks about humans as being a load of consciousness. Not a direct quote. When you look into this, it’s actually very convincing despite his often confusing way of putting it, that may sound crazy to many of the public.

He’s actually a real wise guy. I’m presuming he obviously had some time to discover the reality of the situation and if you read into ‘time’, it’s very obvious that it’s a concept that is only fundamental when we need it to be.

Take living an every day morning or afternoon- you wouldn’t need to worry about what time of day it is because there isn’t one! I read online something about using the story of a cucumber and that each slice is a part of our life that is dependent on time, when in fact, it’s all one giant cucumber of experiences. If that makes sense? We are the cucumber and cannot see life as a whole cucumber of experiences due to our set individual reality, we see it as separate days and age being a thing. It’s not down to time but more out perception.

Obviously, it is useful to keep a track on when something will happen and to maintain a lifestyle otherwise you might lose the plot if you suddenly stop sleeping. But, in the general sense, it is all simultaneously occurring and we are relative to our own perceptions. As to why we keep finding more and more smaller particles and so forth. It’s about realising our collection of particles bring this world alive that could be a small speck on a larger scale therefore, despite our initial reaction to point that we are made for more, we are made to communicate and connect which is a vital point of our species.

We are a network that can speak and build, being an extremely advanced race. So, we take our purpose to sustain life for the future of humanity to maybe discover our purpose in the larger scale. Yet, for now, we are relative to our reality and that is why time is only needed when we really want it too. We could live without time definitely. It just brings a bit of order into our consciousness. Makes things a bit more simple.


If you’ve read the whole article, let me know what you think about time as I’m interested to learn more about it and whether I’ve gone completely off the truth of the matter.


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