Wonder Woman is a Great Film

I get this film came out a while ago and there’s been the Justice League since but only recently did I come across actually watching it. This was mainly down to the hatred of Batman V Superman and deciding that it probably wasn’t worth watching any others. This all came after always comparing villains to Heath Ledger’s joker which massively outweighs Jared Leto in Suicide squad who was pretty disappointing.

Yet, it was lightly refreshing to see something from DC which had a decent story line and  a plot that made sense. Wonder Woman offers what I felt reminded me of a Marvel film in the fact that it was a dry humour and completes good action with the right amount of dialogue. Gal Gadot was perfect for the role and Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor, a spy for British services who evidently falls for Diana (Gal). I’m sorry but after DC became it’s own movie verse rather than that which has separate ones in films such as ‘Dark Knight’, it’s not been great. Yet, this film changed my opinion in a hope that the singular films of Flash and so forth will actually be decent enough to sit through.

Something which also deserved credit was the direction that Patty Jenkins went with when making the film what it is. This was the first major superhero film directed by a woman and I think this definitely played to advantage with the film with a breathe of fresh air, moving away from the complete darkness in some of the other films and bringing in some genuine humour and action sequences which made sense and flowed rather than the block to block frames that lack fluidity and poor storyline associated with Superman’s recent films.

I was really impressed by this film. Although the ending was a bit poor with her jumping an insane distance to reach the camera, it was pretty good. End fight against the God of War was also cool although I have no idea where he got that armour and weird helmet from, like major credits for the quick change.

On the whole, Wonder Woman is a great film and one to take guidance from when other directors take on the other DC films. If DC want to get anywhere near Marvel, they do need to up their game and get some proper writers in. Jheez, Batman v Superman was awful. Scared to even watch Justice League…

Wonder Woman (2017) on IMDb: 7.5/10

TRoaW: 8.1/10


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