Why We Should Save Animals and Live Like True Humans

It’s simple as that. We as humans are born automatically into a sense of hierarchy despite animals clearly being genuine and loving compared to our connotations of hatred and unkind. Think about it. Animals respect one another and yes, obviously they kill each other for survival but not on some huge level where deforestation has wiped out species completely; that’s our doing.

Honestly, have a hard look about the food you eat, the products you buy and how they are made. Palm oil is in multiple products, even that of Nutella. Palm oil requirements cause huge deforestation in areas that Orangutans especially are reliant on. Recently, an article I read used a statistic that the population of Orangutans in Borneo has dropped by around 100,000. Being cut in half in only 16 years. It’s awful.

Oceanic species are being wiped out due to food demands such as Sharks which are vital to the cycle in the ocean, keeping it healthy and sustainable. Around 76 million Sharks were killed last year and think about how we associate them with killing us? It’s more likely that you die from being struck by a coconut than a Shark. Come on people. Sharks are quickly becoming endangered due to over-fishing and bycatch. Mainly from Tuna. Make sure that if you are to eat tuna, it’s from a sustainable source and that there isn’t anything you haven’t heard of as it’s probably Dolphin or Shark.

Badgers and Hedgehogs are being killed for eating plants on farms and a lot of badgers are actually killed on the road. This can be down to lack of habitat as the need for land for our own purposes have taken over. This is a local problem, not something that happens overseas out of our eyesight. Take a look at the roadside near main roads and it’s very likely you’ll see a dead animal. It’s simply becoming more and more difficult for these animals of all kinds to adapt to human development. Our development is harmful to the planet and the fact that we can’t go in the sea without worrying the plastic bottle is going to interrupt our leisurely swim, not great.

These are just some simple insights into just a few of the animals that are being killed every day. I’m sure you love seeing Elephants and all the other species when you go to a Safari or the Zoo. Even on TV! After the huge audience that Blue Planet two received and the messages that David Attenborough sent across, it is pivotal in our existence to do as much as we can for this world and to ensure that future generations have the amazement to see all these incredible species in their life time too. Especially in their natural habitat.

Get away from eating meat due to the demand leading to deforestation and habitat loss. As well as the fact there’s just loads of animals being killed in awful conditions. Also, plant based diet can actually be a lot better to your body than one that involves meat. The whole idea of it being ‘natural’ and ‘stems from cavemen’. We’re at a point where we can go to the shop, not hunt. Eating plant-based diets take a way the need for all the water that is needed to keep the animals ready to be eaten. The water equates to about a month of showers! The meat industry also causes so many diseases and despite it having protein, you can just get a veggie alternative! Ready into this or watch ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘What the Health’ on Netflix. Learn and see the truth guys.

Use less plastic and give to animal conservation societies and animal charities. It is time to change the way we live and become aware of our impact. It is vital to our living as well as that of everyone who comes after us.

I get I don’t usually write about this stuff but I think after the impact that social media can have. It is the least I can do.

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