Philosophy of a Man on the Road

Philosophy can be a strange thing to go into sometimes. It can be an element of mystery and wonder but in all honesty, it can be applied to everything.

This post looks at how we should perhaps admire the life that some choose when they live on the road. People who are able to hitch hike and live on the edge of society. It’s a way of life that the generation of idiots that we’ve become are just unaware of nature and the life that we could live.

We live in isolation and in the fear of what’s outside. In fear of people who are dangerous and who don’t follow the rules but a lot of that is a result of isolation in the first place. We should be more willing to see the outside world and actually allow ourselves to communicate. If we communicated then a lot of problems wouldn’t have arisen in the first place because people are too egotistic to do the simplest of tasks.

We should be willing to see that the philosophy of those on the road live a must more fulfilling life than many. Although we all have separate values of what meets our happiness, those who are happy to go and see the world, will see that those in close communities often do what’s best for all rather than themselves. The world has lots of culture and nature that can be connected to one another and being on the road allows this.

It allows us to experience what’s around us and as the other posts suggest, it’s about that moment of happiness where we see the world for what it is and acknowledge that we originate from the world around us so why should we not respect it? Why should we then destroy what’s around us. It’s a give and take and so by letting go off the luxuries and giving time to appreciate the natural world because although it sounds all hippy and not a 21st century thing to do, it’ll give us the capability to understand each other properly and actually give one about what’s around us. I respect those who travel and see the world and get away from society. Some wise people out there and by seeing the world, I’m sure every one of us can truly understand the art of appreciation and care. A philosophy of living on the road might be the way for many of us to finally see what living is truly about.

This is a good world with a lot of bad people on but I think that by living in the experience and taking yourself away from society is a way to get in touch with your true selves.

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