Ocean Life Philosophy

The ocean is an incredible place. They still reckon over 93% of the deep is unexplored. Think about that! We’ve near enough visited every place on land due to transportation and the need to use all the resources we can get our hands on, so why do we not explore the ocean more?

Thing about the sea is that many people are scared of what lies beneath the surface; it could be anything from a whale to a jellyfish to a crab. It’s about we as humans not being able to have the power that we have on the surface. Think about seeing a lion in the wild or a tiger. You’d be fascinated but still have the security that we can drive off in our four-by-four alongside security in case anything goes wrong.

Now, imagine being in the ocean and you see a tiger shark. You’d swim for your life due to either not knowing what to do or believing that the shark would simply eat you. In all fairness, the stigma of a shark is so great that majority of people would be scared to get in the water with them but it’s probably much more safe than being that close to a tiger with security. Point being, they live in a habitat we’re not used too. As to why so much is unexplored and it’s great!

Until, we realise that the ocean is actually greatly needed for our survival and all we’re doing is throwing rubbish into it and causing the sea-life to be caught or killed by plastics. What’s up with that? A lot. Over 100,000 sharks are killed per day near enough. If that was done on tigers, there would be some huge up-roar about it, especially if they were being eaten too! What people don’t realise is that our own life on the surface cannot continue unless we stop ignoring the life beneath us. We need to be able to encourage seeing the deep blue sea and learn about how we can help.

We need to explore the unexplored and see what incredible things are upon us. It is about taking a stand to protect all that’s around us because although fishing is easier to sustain than the huge collapse of the Amazon rainforest for livestock, it is still not infinite and that’s what people don’t realise.

Watch some ocean documentaries, I’m sure everyone saw Blue Planet 2 in which David Attenborough highlights the need to save ocean life. Watch it again! Share it with those around you and see the impact that your everyday life is having on the ocean as well as the planet. This isn’t just about being entertained by whales, it’s about appreciating them and allowing them to live as they do us. We’ve only got one planet so don’t destroy it, change your philosophy in life to a more caring one and seek a positive change for the future.

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