What We Can Learn Everyday

Everyday, we as humans go through a number of situations that may be stressful, joyful or frustrating. Point being, we go through so many emotions each and everyday that we’re alive. We’re never going to be 100% happy or 100% angry but we can do is figure out ways to make it better.

What I mean by this is that it’s not hard for us to just take a step back and realise what our reality is. For many people, the first layer of their mind is about how to make money and be happy which doesn’t say much for humans but the key here is that we think money suddenly equals happiness.

Happiness isn’t a destination that can be found when we suddenly hit a certain amount of money because chances are, you will still be going to do the same job that causes stress, you just have a bit of money to make paying off stuff easier. Joys of life.

What should be happening is that we should be focusing solely on reaching happiness by just enjoying what we have. Not what we don’t have. It’s simple enough to suggest that we don’t take enough time to appreciate those around us when we’re busy making money to buy a new TV to spend even less time with those around you. Why don’t you just go out more? See if you can fit in some quality time because it’s little moments everyday that make life worth living. Not the fact that you might have a promotion that’s going to make your days happy, it’s the intangible things that matter most so make the most of them.

It sounds simple because it is simple. Not everyone has what you do and fair enough, aim for the best but always remember to make the most of what’s around you because that’s what matters the most everyday. That’s what will keep you humble and able to manage all struggles by letting go and living life how you want too.

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