Something to Change for Happiness

Something that’s quite easy to think about on mothers day. It comes from hearing someone in the street talk about how if they look back, it’s hard to think about the good times with people and forget about the bad times where you wish you could have done something else. Then they went on to say about how old times were better.

All in all, we all have people we used to talk to a lot who we barely speak to anymore or people who you didn’t speak to much but now, they are in your life a lot more and it’s great. What the struggle is that, thinking back to the good times with others is what makes you feel bad about perhaps losing contact or just drifting away. Yet, it’s all about accepting it’s happened and to appreciate the ones around you. If you make the effort to meet up with someone again from awhile back and they don’t fancy it then let go. Just keep the good times going rather than worrying about someone who isn’t worrying about you. Simple maths.

What is important is that you make sure not to hold on to old times because although going out on your bikes with mates and end up spending the day just playing at the park and stuff was awesome. Remember them and appreciate it for what it was but there is so much positivity and good times going on all the time that you’ll look back on and think the same thing. Tip is to try realise that all moments can be good if you have a positive attitude. Stop living in the past and just accept the changes. Those who want to stick around will do.

So, have a think, remember good times. Move forward and appreciate what’s around you so you can remember more good times. Life’s great, enjoy it.

Happy Mothers day people.

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