The Multi-Verse Theory

Something to wonder is whether the multiverse is a possibility.

I’m not an expert so I’ll try put my viewpoints simply and hopefully in a way that is right too.

So the multiverse idea goes back to the days of Isaac Newton. In his book, Opticks, he suggests that: ‘It may be also allow’d that God is able to create Particles of Matter of several Sizes and Figures, and in several Proportions to Space, and perhaps of different Densities and Forces, and thereby to vary the Laws of Nature, and make Worlds of several sorts in several Parts of the Universe.’

Straight away we can pick out the, ‘several sorts in several parts of the universe.’ If Newton is able to suggest this, it’s very evident that the theory isn’t actually such a mad theory after all. Especially considering Hawking released his views about the universe in his final paper detailing the possibility of the multiverse.

So, what is the multiverse?

Basically a parallel universe or alternate universe that exists somewhere else. Whether it could actually be a similar Earth or people talk as we do. Who knows.

Interesting thing is that many claim it to be a philosophical enquiry only due to having the ability not to be falsified. This goes into Ayer’s verification principle as the statement, ‘A multiverse exists’ cannot be falsified. Search up Ayer if you get the chance. Interesting guy.

Davies, a Cosmologist, stated in a New York Times piece that as we dive into experimenting the idea of a multiverse, the more we rely on faith rather than scientific explanation. It would lead to a continuum between Science and Philosophy that could prove necessary but the need for Scientists to have faith seems even more so difficult considering all their work may prove irrelevant in an alternative universe.

My view on this is that despite having basic knowledge, scientific research should be looking at the possibility of verifying the multiverse and testing to see whether it can be a real thing. Since, if we do not, what is the point in not even attempting to reach other universes? It would be fascinating so further research should be introduced.

I’m going to be looking into the multiverse theory more and will keep everyone updated with more information and insight. So, make sure to follow and let me know any of your own ideas on the multiverse. Make our existence even more interesting.

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