Existential Coffee Idea on the Multiverse

Why is it that coffee houses have been the place of master existentialist conversations. I mean, there’s a book about it called ‘the existentialist cafe’. So, perhaps it’s something to do with the coffee. Perhaps it’s the ideas that flow when the caffeine hits us or the nature of being around those who have similar bursts of motivation within a coffee house as you look around to all the others writing or calling or talking.

So, when I had my Americano earlier from the cafe rather than simply dashing a load of instant into a cup, I had an idea that ran parallel to my latest post. See, I was talking about the idea of a multiverse, yet what if the universes are obviously on the same timeline and the same place but exist within different dimensions of this.

I’m sure many have thought similar. Think of us as a species, we are all able to see each other and understand what’s around us but imagine if we were larger on a grander scale, perhaps our universe now would be tiny sort of how we view insects. It’s a whole different world but on the same time-scale. If that makes sense?

What I’m trying to get at is that perhaps rather than having these parallel universes where we would have to cross the universe to locate, perhaps it’s not as awesome as Marvel makes out with Thor’s out there firing Thunder around. How cool would that be? Yet, in reality, that probably isn’t the case. Maybe it’s all around us and above us right now. It’s about understanding the complexities of scale in comparison to time and dimension. We seem big to ladybirds but we may seem small/ perhaps even tiny like atom size to another greater world. One that’s existence is to large to see and it just keeps going on and on upwards like an infinite universe of scale that’s running parallel to each other. How we would test this I don’t know but maybe that’s it?

This might be miles away from truth but I’m intrigued and puts a new perspective on the multiverse. Keep updated.

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