Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Film Review (2010)

Michael Cera in one of his finest roles playing the book character that we all wish we were- Scott Pilgrim.

PLOT: In short, this is about Scott playing in a band called ‘sex ba-bomb’ who are actually really good and after falling in love with Ramona Flowers (she’s cool) (Mary Winstead), he has to fight all her evil ex’s in order to date her. Luckily, Scott is awesome at fighting and can more than handle himself.

The twists include that Scott was originally dating a Chinese school girl called Knives Chau (Ellen Wong). Knives gets envious of Ramona and Scott and evidently tries to win him back which only adds to Scotts drama after now having to become a martial arts master.

Other cast members include Anna Kendrick who plays Scotts sister. She makes the odd appearance and really suits her role. Offering guidance along with his room-mate, Wallace (Kieran Culkin) that seems to emphasise the dry and sarcastic humour that makes this film stand-out.



  • This film is definitely better because Michael Cera is in it. Also, the cast is incredibly well picked meaning that no-one felt out of place.
  • Edgar Wright directed this film to perfection.
  • The soundtrack is brilliant.
  • Scott’s t-shirts are brilliant.
  • Seems to bring out every emotion we can have.
  • Relatable and hilarious.


  • Can be seen as suitable for a specific audience.
  • Humour is relevant to certain people.

Overall Opinion: It’s a film that slowly weaves it’s way into your heart and if you love it then you will watch it again and become envious of Scott’s t-shirts. It’s very much directed at a certain audience and is a typical Michael Cera movie which depending on how you feel about him, can alter the films appeal.

It’s cinematography is great and the filming encapsulates the ordinary world that Scott lives in like it’s in his mind. It flows like the books (go read if you haven’t) and has a great sense of sarcastic humour that brings together a funny, sad and interesting film that will be one of your favourite for years to com

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) on IMDb7.5/10

TRoaW: 8.7/10

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