Money is Nothing

Is there a reality we can live without worry for money. Of course there is, it’s one where we accept our lives and trim down the expenses and enjoy more of our lives.

Truth is the title I chose for this can be easier to come by than one may suspect. It’s something to wonder in your busy schedule, looking to paying bills or the latest gadget but is there not more to life than this?

Money in nothing but paper that runs the world. Yes, that may seem a contrasting statement but it’s about distancing yourself from the normal and finding the life where you have more to worry about than money. I understand it is needed so unless you’re completely going into the wilderness, don’t just quit your job.

Yet, there is a point of being able to limit yourself from our 21st century lifestyle and begin to move back to loving happiness, not loving things. As when you finally get to a stage you know you’re getting the most out of life, that’s when money doesn’t rule everything and we finally communicate properly and don’t just care for the rubbish in life.

Live a free life, it’s much more fulfilling.


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