A Tree’s Existential Existence

Why a tree? If you’ve read near enough Sartre, he finds an obsession with trees. Perhaps related to a nightmare he had when he was younger about a nauseating tree. Yes. He does seem a little odd. In fact he believed that if his books didn’t have a conclusion, they would just continue on as does everything due to it being, contingent. 

But, if you really look into it then it makes sense. There is this continuing idea that to really hit the groundwork of a phenomenological break-through, one has to look, I mean really look, into a tree and distinguish it’s difference from other trees. It’s like anything, we assume they’re all the same like we’ve seen one football, we now know what every football looks like. Yet, as the tree differs from another, each sock made will be ever so slightly different to another. Everything really is individual.

In the natural world, this is more evident as you don’t have a factory for the perfect cherry tree. Trees emerge after awhile to be harrowing but magnificent. The age of them stands in front of you, seeing so much, contingently existing as this blob of a tree. The structure of the branches, the leaves they grow and the places they exist. It’s all a wonder to us all as to why we simplify all these extraordinary things to a more human kind of thought.

The truth is, there is so much that we don’t know that when we start to realise the falseness, it starts to flow and there really is so much that we don’t understand. The philosophy of other realms and these supernatural forces seem a myth yet we cannot really know. Even when we turn our world into the ideas of existence, we only find more we don’t comprehend.

The trees existence is contingent. It continues and speaks through nature. Life is found within the tree that brings it’s being to our world. When I say, ‘being’- I mean that the tree is with existence, it holds itself within our timeline and grows as we do. It has an existence that coincides with everything else, being unique as we are.

Have a sit down and just stare at a tree for awhile. I know that sounds weird but see if you come to any new realisations because you may just feel what Sartre feels and you may just find yourself experiencing Nausea. Then again, you may just think it’s a tree.

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