Will Humans Ever Change?

We live in greed. In a world of desperation at every corner despite many having more than enough. So, why do we crave everything we don’t have?

What’s key to this is obvious. We just don’t know when to stop. If you’ve watched the minimalism documentary, you will understand that as a generation it’s all about ‘stuff’. Having more of it and more of these expensive items seems to show some form of adequate lifestyle that we must live in, apparently. It’s a rough time because everything costs so much in a world that people can barely buy the necessities and now they’re having to fork out nearly 1000 pounds to get the latest iPhone X that just seems like every other iPhone as of date.

It’s bad enough that industries are taking advantage of this and forcing their prices up which they know people will pay. It’s not great. The question is though- are we ever going to change?

I think not unfortunately. Unless by some tragic circumstances certain people begin to have a positive mind frame that will benefit it’s employees then there is no chance of such a thing. We live in this miserable society filled with people pretending to be happy whereas we seem to be drifting further away from each other. We barely communicate and barely find time to distract ourselves from our phones. With what seemed a way of escaping the real world, we are now in opposite with people going outside to escape the social media/ world of the internet and technology.

Unless we can force changes to occur and capitalise on victories that support the planet and humans in a sustainable way then we are only going to continue taking the wrong path. The truth is that we are in a bit of a cave at the moment, where everything seems like it’s just going to sort itself out but it’s actually getting worse. We’re seeing more and more on climate change, on the poverty that hits all countries across the world. More news about growing tensions between the worlds ‘biggest’ countries. Yet, positivity seems to be far more unlikely in the news than ever.

I believe that we have the capability to make the changes needed, it’s just whether people decide they want to join in rather than being self-absorbed in this fantasy land of social media and the place where we are more bothered about Presidents tweets than the environmental laws he’s taking away. We need some kind of realisation that hasn’t been around for a long time which slowly people are beginning to notice. It’s the fact that this isn’t just a place we can mess up, it’s a home that we aren’t looking after. Animals are being killed and abused when they should be treated with respect and just as much right to be on this planet as us. Humans are being killed for their views when they should be treated as equals.

We need to communicate and act morally otherwise humans truly will never change.

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