Vacation Film Review (2015)

Watching it the first time round was hilarious but then I forgot about it almost instantly.

Plot: Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) is a pilot for a low-budget airline, barely making enough money to treat his family despite offers from the bigger airlines, he’s adamant about being close to his family. With this in mind, his relationship with Debbie (Christina Applegate) becomes terribly unexciting with the family going to the same hut in a forest for years on years. After their sons, James and Kevin, are gloated on by their friends about a trip to Paris- Rusty decides to re-live the adventures he and his family went on when they were little. So he takes them to Wally world in a beaten-up bottom of the line, Albanian Tartan Prancer. An SUV that is largely over-complicated.

They take de-tours along the way including one to Debbie’s old frat house which reveals she was named ‘Debbie-do anything’ after an array of mad events. This quickly escalates into Debbie trying to re-deem her title on the chug-run but only results in a beating and large scale sick everywhere. Other detours include a near suicidal raft run down the canyon featuring Charlie Day as the guide whose just been heart-broken. As well as a run in with Chris Hemsworth and Leslie Mann who play Rusty’s sister and her husband. This leaves questions over Rusty and Debbie’s marriage after she loses her wedding ring while also crushing on Christ Hemsworth.

Long story short, they go on lots of mid-adventures with it being ‘about the journey’ rather than the destination.

Stand outs: 

  • The film is really funny and written to allow each character to get the most out of their roles.
  • It has fast humour that coincides with the development of family bonding finding this result of somewhat a family hit.
  • Kevin and James offer a relatable wit to the modern audience that definitely makes this film better.
  • A few of the scenes are some of the best comedy I’ve seen.

Down sides: 

  • As I said, only a few of the scenes meaning that a lot of it didn’t flow as much as I had originally hoped for.
  • This film offers a one off comedy night but any more than once and it becomes tedious and never seems to get going again.
  • Sometimes the script does get dry, becoming reliant on one-liners and spontaneous sub-plots to keep the film going.
  • At times, it can be seen as a knock-off the first one but I do think it is much more suitable for the modern audience.

Overall Conclusion: 

It’s worth the watch for the comedy that ignites laughter the first couple times round but it is instantly forgettable in comparison to other movies of similar audience. The plot line seems very seldom and at times it seems like it’s trying to be ‘We’re the Millers’ in the use of one teen being shy and awkward as well as the similarities in the plot but it does have it’s moments.

To say how much I loved this film the first time around, it isn’t as much a joy second or third so if you want some short-term entertainment that you’ll have forgotten in a few days- this film offers the full package.

Vacation (2015) on IMDb6.6

TRoaW: 7.6/10



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